9 Key Questions About Visiting Knowledge16 in Las Vegas

Wondering what Knowledge16 was all about? Together with my colleague, Leslie Landry, I attended the 10th annual Knowledge conference in Las Vegas. Our blog editor gave us some homework to do so we could share our learnings, new discoveries and experiences with our readers. Here we go…

1. Why did you attend the Knowledge16 conference?

We wanted to participate in the 10th annual Knowledge conference to see the latest developments with the ServiceNow Platform. Also, we wanted to engage with many ITpreneurs partners who are collaborating with ServiceNow to support client needs. Last but not least, we wanted to continue to expand our understanding of the ServiceNow capabilities and applications and how their partners are using them. Oh, and of course, Las Vegas isn’t a bad place to visit!


2. What type of questions did you get a lot?

Many partners were interested in the latest with the DevOps program that was recently launched. The Organizational Change Management (OCM) topic was also of interest to many organizations. As ServiceNow is moving towards expanding their applications across the organization and into other key business units, i.e; finance, legal, human resources, I see our partners beginning to recognize the need for training and consulting services outside of ITSM framework training. This was mostly evident around the use of OCM in conversations as well as some questions for other soft skills training.

3. What did you learn?

We learned a great deal – everyone is working with ServiceNow to take service management to the next level across the organization to include other key cross functional organizations. One of the other key learning points came from the keynote delivered by ServiceNow CEO Frank Slootman. He talked about how, at a consumer level, we’ve all become very accustomed to and even expect high levels of service. Think about mobile check-in for airline flights as just one example. Generally speaking, in the workplace we are lagging far behind in service levels that could contribute greatly to increased productivity, better work flows and balance, and happier workers who contribute to higher organizational morale.

4. What were the people like (formal/informal, open/closed, etc.) at Knowledge16?

People were open, friendly, interested in discussing new ideas and for the most part informal. The only place you really notice a difference between the larger more traditional partners and smaller ones is in the dress code.

There were also a number of new or start up organizations that are partnering with ServiceNow.


5. What was the venue like?

It’s a large venue with 12,000 of our closest friends. It was one of the friendliest event staff we’ve come across. Additionally, ServiceNow worked hard on making this a comfortable environment, even with the large amount of people attending.

Ever had lunch with over 10,000 people?


If you haven’t’ visited a Knowledge conference, here’s a video they made to celebrate the 10-year anniversary.

6. Which topics were discussed often?

The topics discussed most was expanding service management across the organization and moving beyond IT to areas such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Business Management. The next level of service management is to align with the services we have available in our daily lives as consumers.

7. What can training & consulting companies learn from it?

Our partners had the chance to learn about current and future trends in service management. Training companies can learn about emerging training topics that are in and will be in demand. Another take-away is the increasing need for flexible learning delivery modalities including short bite-sized chunked learning. The bite-sized learning can be leveraged as reinforcement to core training and certification programs.

For training companies who’d like to watch the various keynotes, ServiceNow has made the them available, see the tweet below.

8. Was there a session, or more than one, that you thought was especially great?

The keynote session on Tuesday morning was informative and insightful. The illustration of the differences in service levels between the consumer marketplace and the workplace was very helpful. We attended a smaller more informal presentation that KPMG ran on the Expo floor and they very creatively used a political debate format to demonstrate some of the key capabilities of ITSM. They made it fun and also gave away a few prizes for attending. Oh, and they also hosted a great beach party.

9. Would you go again?

Absolutely. It was a great opportunity for increased learning around service management and where an industry leader is going as well seeing who’s following that lead and partnering with them. It was invaluable in providing a format to meet with a number of our other key partners to discuss their interests, concerns, and just spend some in person quality time with them. Looking forward to be back next year!

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About Leslie Landry

Leslie manages the ITpreneurs partners in North America as a Channel Partner Manager. She’s also an ITIL Expert instructor and has been teaching since 2007 and delivered well over 100 courses in a variety of industries. Leslie has an extensive background in organizational development and corporate education in both the telecommunications and software industries.  Leslie is passionate about the revolution taking place in learning and how it impacts the way we live and work. She lives in North Bend, WA in the foothills of the Cascade mountains. She enjoys time with nearby family & friends, travel, golf, zumba, & walking her dogs.

Marc Halcrow
Since 2006, Marc has been responsible for developing the North America business of ITpreneurs. In this capacity, he supports channel partners in working with customers to meet educational needs focused on key business drivers such as service quality, cost optimization, and process improvement.