How to Address the Skills Gap in Cyber Security with EC-Council

In the first of this three-part interview with Jay Bavisi, President & CEO of EC-Council, we asked Jay to tell us the origin of EC-Council is and what it is doing to help address cybersecurity skills gaps in the world.

What is EC-Council?

EC-Council is an information security certification body in various areas of IT security including ethical hacker, computer forensics, penetration testing, incidents handling and disaster recovery. It is a global organization with a network of more than 700 training organizations in 140 countries. The mission of EC-Council is to develop infosecurity professionals to help protect organizations from cyber intruders.

How was EC-Council established?

EC-Council was established after 9/11. At that point in time, infosecurity was primarily associated with anti-virus, firewalls. When anyone talked about info security, he/she referred to a tool or software to protect an organization. EC-Council questioned the method in which an organization protect themselves. The view of the founding members was that the best way to protect an organization is to first “hack” it. You need to train the good guys to understand the way bad guys do it. So good buys can test their network, applications, organizations before they are compromised. Hence the launch of Certified Ethical Hacking certification attracted a lot of media attention. In 15 years, EC-Council has become the world’s largest technical info security certification body. Our focus is on developing high-end skills including Certified Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing.

How does EC-Council help address the cybersecurity skills gaps?

Skills gaps is a very important topic when it comes to cyber security. The profession of cyber security is increasingly specialized into job roles as encryption specialist , incident responders, ethical hackers, computer forensics experts, penetration testers.

EC-Council helps bridge skills gaps by producing world class training and certification – each one specialize in these areas. We help identify gaps in organizations through our training partners, help provide world class methodology, framework in these sub-specialize areas of information security.

Cyber threats are becoming a serious issue for organizations and governments alike. Most organizations look for the magic pill to solve cyber woes. The CIOs, CISOs think with larger budgets, their organizations will have more protection. It has proven this is not the case.

Organizations cannot outsource the risk of cyber security by having a huge budget. They need to be agile and possess the core competency on their own. The best way to deal with the gap is to have end to end solutions. You need the right applications, the right the policy, the right technology and more importantly, the right people. People trained in the right skill set to carry organizations to maturity.

Knowledge workers who use mobile computing power to conduct their roles in organization need to be aware of security risks in organization. Cyber awareness training is needed to ensure they don’t become liability. The Certified Secure Computer Users certification is designed which that in mind.

Tech team needs to understand applications development, incident response and they need to be trained in the correct framework. That way, the have a knowledge basis they can apply in day to day life to ensure they protect the organization. Here’s a list of all of EC-Council certifications.


C-level executives – especially the CISO and information security manager – need to understand what they need to do to protect organizations from executive/leadership standpoint. EC-Council’s CCISO program has been developed for senior cyber security executives to help bring their organizations to a maturity model.

About ITpreneurs and EC-Council

ITpreneurs has formed a partnership with EC-Council to provide a diverse portfolio of IT Security training and certifications in the Middle East (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan) and Turkey. EC Council (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) is one of the world’s largest certification bodies for information security professionals and e-business. ITpreneurs partners can provide unique offerings to help their clients in these countries to manage the emerging challenges posed by cyber security related threats.

Connie Tai
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