Becoming the One-Stop-Shop for Training Providers – Where It All Starts

ITpreneurs offers training providers new and effective ways of running their business. In doing so, could it be that ITpreneurs is subsequently creating a cultural shift within the industry from one that’s conventional to one that’s ever evolving?

Arjan Woertman- VP of Research and Development at ITpreneurs – answers three questions that are paramount for training providers in the present and future.

The IT domain is a fast moving and evolving domain. As the VP of R&D can you explain how you are ensuring training providers keep up and continue to offer the most relevant portfolio?

The IT function is still quite a young domain if you would compare it with more traditional business areas like sales, manufacturing, or finance. Technology is changing rapidly, and is impacting how IT is being organized.

In recent years we have seen how cloud is enabling organizations to work smarter and deploy services faster. Agile development and Agile project management has overtaken traditional approaches such as Waterfall and helps to tear down silos between teams. By applying Lean principles, organizations continue to work more effectively. Big Data helps organizations to craft new services based on better insights, and IoT is just around the corner.

The impact on skill development in IT is significant and IT providers have to continuously evolve their portfolio to keep up with market demands. From a portfolio design perspective, we ask these two important questions:

  • What are natural portfolio extensions for our customers?
  • Can we help our customers move into new and unknown territories?

We closely look at what our customers are delivering in the market today, and look for logical portfolio extensions. PRINCE2 Agile for example is a nice and logical fit to organizations delivering PRINCE2; ACP does the same for PMP. Kepner Tregoe, DevOps, and Cloud Service Manager are very logical extensions for training providers operating in the ITSM space.


We are also building programs that are still very new, allowing training providers to drive innovation in their own markets, but possibly outside their natural habitat. For example, we are developing our first IoT course at the moment, and will soon start offering a robust Software Defined Networking certification program.

Now that we are nearing the end of 2015, could you give us a peek into your portfolio plans for 2016?

Our ambition is to provide the broadest portfolio of IT training to the market, and our plans are designed to support that. We have added over 300 titles to the portfolio in 2015, and are now fairly close to offering all major IT best practices.

blog_panicIf you look at our plans for next year, we look to bring some differentiation to our portfolio in the types of courseware as well as in scope.

Our eLearning library at the moment is vast, but we recognize that there still is room for growth in this portfolio. At the same time, we would like to tap into the relationships we have with some of the industry experts and thought leaders and develop a ‘signature’ course library with them. Mike Orzen is a good example, he can be considered a pioneer when it comes to Lean IT, and we have agreed to include a number of his highly advanced workshops to our portfolio.

These are just two examples, but obviously there will be many more – consider for example Lean IT Coach, ITIL Practitioner, IT4IT, an update of ITIL Intermediates, and more.

When building such a comprehensive library, how do you ensure quality in what you deliver to the market?

ITpreneurs develops a lot of content, and we have developed a robust, but lean process for this. We aim to consistently involve our customers in the development cycle. We have demonstrated this with RESILIA, and are now doing the same with ITIL Practitioner. This ensures that the products we develop meet the requirements of our customers.

We also work with a large number of content owners, and build long term business relations with them. To continue expanding the portfolio, we continually tapping into the expertise of these professionals and include their courseware in our library (yes, you may also consider this an invitation to talk to us about this!).

In order to facilitate this, we have created a quality manifesto that determines what we would expect from courseware and work with our partners to achieve this level of quality. What we are doing, is ‘verifying’ that our customers can trust the courseware, and can expect that it meets this standard. We believe in partnerships, not just towards our customers, but also towards the organizations that trust their content to us.

See how we help training providers all over the world deliver quality training to the market.

Alwi Suleiman
Alwi Suleiman is a Product Marketing and Solutions Manager at ITpreneurs. He is also the Editor-in-chief of the blog and heads the content marketing and social media activities. His marketing philosophy is: “Marketing is about help and not hype”.