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Marketing Tips

Why Your Clients Don’t Need IT Training [Bingo]

Which reasons do clients give when they say No to IT training? That’s a question we wanted to have an answer to. See, we ensure our training partners have access to courseware and exams. But if our partners are not able to convince their clients they need training, there’s no point in having courseware at…

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Uncovering Enterprise Architecture Courses: Why Should Training Companies Care [Interview]

Curious to learn about training opportunities around IT architecture? You’re not alone. Many of our partners are interested in this topic. Fortunately, there’s Greg Trasuk, Stream Lead at Web Age Solutions, who’s one of our content partners for enterprise architecture courseware. Greg was kind enough to answer some of my burning questions: Let’s start off with…

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Find Your Little Inventor

Everyone has that little inventor inside them, you do too. Even if you haven’t discovered yours, he is there when you need him. For example, remember the last time you were making a meal of what was left in the fridge? You were creatively using the resources you had, to come up with a new…

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