Every Year Counts

One of the strongest trends I have witnessed during the past decade and a half of involvement in the IT training industry is around commoditization of technology. By commoditization I mean the fact that technology is becoming the basis of several core organizational functions and business processes. This is creating a new breed of practitioners who have a blend of technology and functional expertise.

Digital marketing—which started becoming mainstream a decade ago—was an example of such trend—giving rise to a new breed of professionals who were not exactly IT folks, and also not traditional marketing people. Well, I see more and more examples of such trends. What bothers me is that the IT training industry has almost entirely ignored these mega-trends, seemingly happy with their traditional hardcore technology or IT process training domains, and have potentially missed out on billions of dollars of revenues for each mega-trend.

At ITpreneurs, we want to engage with IT training organizations to identify some of these mega-trends—and there are a few which are happening now such as e-commerce, business analytics, customer experience, management, product cost analytics etc. and many which have all the potential to become mega-trends. The IT training providers have the opportunity to leverage their customers’ access and delivery expertise to act on these mega-trends, and get a share of this very big training pie. Whereas IT training organizations have traditionally found the going tough to create sustainable revenues in the absence of a well-accepted standard or a large vendor building the market, I believe that with some concerted efforts and timely action, and using the ITpreneurs portfolio approach, it is possible to create a space for ourselves in these emerging mega–markets.

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Sukhbir Jasuja
Sukhbir Jasuja is a co-founder and CEO of ITpreneurs. ITpreneurs develops solutions to help IT Training providers in over 80 countries enhance their offerings and refine their business model in the fast changing industry. He is based out of ITpreneurs HQ in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.