Rick focuses on improving service management by adopting the Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) methodology. He leads the enterprise knowledge management initiative at Cigna and serves as the Experience Owner of the KCS / KM ART within Cigna’s scaled Agile framework. As the Knowledge Product Strategist with KnowledgeDesk, he worked with and guided an agile software development team in Vietnam. At HDI, Rick Joslin led the certification business and was responsible for the development, sales, and delivery of HDI’s certification, training, and services offerings.

Rick is a certified Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) instructor and has guided organizations with the implementation of KCS. He was also a certified instructor for the HDI certification courses. As a member of IHS Support Solutions, he provided consulting services related to implementing and enhancing support operations with a focus on knowledge management and self-service. Prior to joining IHS, Rick founded his own consulting firm, Joslin & Associates. Formerly, Rick was the VP of Customer Care for ServiceWare, VP of RightAnswers.com, and VP of Knowledge Engineering. Rick was responsible for the production of the industry’s leading third-party knowledge bases, known as Knowledge-Paks.