How TechnoLava uses ITpreneurs ITIL Courseware to Better Assist Clients

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TechnoLava provides ITIL based Best Practice recruiting, consulting, project management, training and implementation services that enable organizations to align IT strategies and technologies with business goals.

It’s in TechnoLava’s company DNA to view their customers as strategic business partners with whom they can grow and continue to mature. This means there is a constant quest for the best possible training materials to maintain and grow client satisfaction, a principle Technolava is wholly dedicated to. They do not view relationships as a sales transaction that once completed allows parties to simply ‘move on to the next opportunity’.

TechnoLava faces the typical challenges most companies face: identifying qualified, outstanding people and partners to join their company as they grow serving the right type of customers. Because Technolava has such a customer-focused way of working, they need materials and partners they can rely upon and outsource the work that isn’t their core business.


One of the things TechnoLava decided to purchase instead of to create, is training content, according to Technolava president John Clipp.

“Helping and training our customers don’t leave us with enough time to create quality training content. And neither is it our goal to create our own content. That’s why we’ve approached ITpreneurs. They offer a complete ITIL solution and also a full portfolio of complimentary training solutions including DASA DevOps, CCC Digital Transformation, LeanIT, COBIT, Root Causes Analysis (KandF), ISO20000, and many other frameworks.”

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ITIL is at the core of Technolava’s mission. Everything they do is related to the Continual Improvement of ITIL processes, from getting a customer ready for adopting ITIL best practices through the delivery of certification courses, to helping customers create a culture and a framework of Continual Improvement across all of their ITIL processes. Not all of these customers are the same, and not all customers require the same type of training.

“Perfect ITL training includes a good mix of practical and case study exercises. Perfect courseware should support the instructor delivery of the perfect training to get the student ready to pass the exam and, more importantly, prepares the student to go back to his/her organization to develop and deliver best practice processes for the organization. ITpreneurs delivers without a doubt the best ITIL 4 training content in the industry. There is a number of delivery options and formats, starting with a fairly basic option that will prepare learners optimally for taking and passing their ITIL 4 Foundation exam. Premium options are available for customers that request a more in-depth highly interactive content, case-study driven training program with a full range of extra options, including pre-course reading and pre-assessment and post-course reading. I was also fortunate enough to attend one of the ITPreneurs Train-the-Trainer sessions delivered by Marcel Foederer, one of the ITIL 4 Foundation Architect/Authors.”

IT executives who have cultivated a broader business-IT perspective realize that achieving IT agility and operational excellence requires not only cutting costs but also transforming IT so its focus is on service management rather than technology management, on customers instead of users, and on the integration of people, process, and technology. TechnoLava’s solutions help their clients accelerate business performance by integrating and aligning their business processes, people and information systems with their enterprise strategy.


“We empower our clients to create enterprise value by helping them to align their organizational processes and structure with their business strategies with a focus on delivering operational effectiveness that maximizes efficiency. ITpreneurs is one of our core partners for helping deliver the best possible results. ITpreneurs leadership and ITpreneurs as a company sponsor has also been heavily involved with itSMF globally. I first met Sukhbir Jasuja at the itSMF Fusion conference in Washington DC in 2011. I have worked closely with Dimitri van den Broek on itSMF events around DASA and ITIL 4 here in the US.  I think our common support of itSMF has created a much closer partnership for TechnoLava and ITP. ”

About John Clipp

John has personally been involved in the ITSM/ITIL market for 20+ years and a major part of that has been his involvement in the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) which is a global nonprofit membership organization that promotes best practice in ITSM. He has held several officer positions at the local level in the Washington DC area, has managed several Communities of Interest and has recently been elected to the itSMF USA Board of Directors.

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