IT Training Pulse – Trending Now: New Ways for Learners, New Ways of Training, and a Whole New Standard in Lean IT

LinkedIn Buys

One of the biggest news from April is something you’re probably well aware of, namely LinkedIn’s acquisition of online learning company This is just one indication of the way the market is changing, and the business models for training are quickly evolving to meet the current needs, habits and expectations of working professionals. The digital transformation is making possible what was impossible just a decade ago. The point is that the skills gap is real and everyone is keen to close that gap in the handiest fashion- from those who consume the training to those who offer the training.

web-icon_cartNoticing and responding to the consumers’ needs offers an enormous and still-untapped source of training income. Innovation in delivery format (such as and its online learning courses) captures a piece of the market that is under-served, or even wholly unserved by existing offerings. Online learning and video-based learning have been the gradual trends of the past decades and are finally moving center stage.

Standards are Important

Beyond innovative learning delivery methods that fit the needs of the end consumer as well as the training company, establishing standards for new IT training areas is key. April brought another notable event to the IT training table: the global launch of the Lean IT Association (LITA), of which ITpreneurs is one of the founding members. Before LITA, the Lean IT market was hindered by the lack of a global standard, fragmented guidance and certifications; hence the syllabi and reference materials were not aligned.

Lean IT Association LITA logoIt was remarkable that six market leaders in the world of IT Training and certification joined forces to create a global standard that ensures organizations and professionals worldwide have a common reference for Lean IT knowledge and capabilities. The market has already responded with overwhelming enthusiasm to the founding of LITA! Visit if you missed the launch.

To Be Different or To Be Relevant?

How can you be both? Bottom line is that if you are an IT training or consultancy provider, your clients need to continuously upskill driven by their business needs and objectives. That means you are looking to invest and expand your portfolio and capabilities, making your trainings and competence development approaches more relevant to meet the immediate needs of the market.

While you stay on top of the trends (whether these are the changes in learners habits and delivery needs, or the new standards and certifications in specific domains), what choices do you make? Do you stay close to your core business, or reinvent your IT training offerings and venture into something that looks very attractive though in unfamiliar and unproven territory? As an IT training or consulting provider, how do you evaluate your options?

IT training and consulting providers should also look at building the right strategic partnerships which offer you agility and ease in ‘trying out’ new delivery methods of training (online, blended, etc.) as well as offering pioneering new knowledge domains with standardized, high quality content. This makes risk taking and scaling easier, and gives your organization a much better chance to succeed in a dynamic, demand-driven training environment. You need to figure out what functions are core and offer long term sustainable strategic advantage. For example, as you keep your eye on the new trends and developments, you can decide that investing in building products around all the new emerging domains might not be the best spend of your resources. It might be best if you focus on your customers and their needs, and look for a partnership approach to serving your customers. This efficient ‘IT training supply chain’ enables you to be at the right place at the right time, offering just the training that your clients are looking for.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The IT training domain is evolving, new trends are emerging, companies go global and international standards constantly increase in complexity. See how you can stay ahead of the curve and gain the competitive edge.

Connie Tai
Connie Tai is head of products and solutions marketing at ITpreneurs, and engages with training and consulting companies to understand how they can best leverage ITpreneurs portfolio and capabilities. To share any feedback or ideas, please write to her at