New Horizons Trains the IT Generation of Tomorrow with ITpreneurs Products

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We’ll explore in this partner case study how a true strategic partnership strengthens the knowledge and skills enabling workers to excel in the workplace.

Not many organizations can claim having more than 300 training centers in over 35 countries, over 2,100 classrooms, and more than 2,400 instructors. New Horizons is one of the handful of world-renowned IT training providers that can. New Horizons Hamburg, one of its franchises, plays a crucial role in ensuring this network remains a global powerhouse in the learning sector.

With over 30 years of experience, New Horizons Hamburg has offered authorized training and certifications from Microsoft, EXIN, CompTIA, and AXELOS to a wide range of organizations and professionals.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, New Horizons adopted early on a varied set of instructor-led training methods. From in-person and online to self-directed labs. Only when the preferred schedule, budget, learning style, and expertise of the learners are taken into account can a training provider truly claim to be at the forefront of the industry, after all.

This effort paid off: New Horizons was recently awarded ‘Best IT Training Provider in Central Europe’ by Technology Innovator Awards and named ‘Germany’s Best Franchise Company’ by Focus.

There’s a face behind this success and that’s the one of Owner & Managing Director Lutz Weigelt. Lutz, who is driven by a passion to help professionals grow and is also an experienced ITIL trainer, first became acquainted with ITpreneurs at an itSMF UK annual conference a few years ago. This would only be the start of what developed to be a strong relationship of mutual trust and collective desire for making a difference.

A Partnership to Deliver Value

One of the biggest challenges faced by New Horizons Hamburg in recent years is one that has, unfortunately, become an industry-wide phenomenon: to find a reliable source for timely updated courseware. This has become of the utmost importance as curriculums change at an increasingly faster pace.

For many small, medium, and large organizations, New Horizons is the single source for all their IT training needs. To better address the demand of customized enterprise solutions was thereafter, part of the reason why a change was needed. But that is not the sole reason. New Horizons also provides comprehensive training for both individuals upskilling to enrich their CV and expertise as well as those taking their very first steps in a new career path. This demands a diverse, comprehensive, and engaging set of course materials.

Finding Solutions Together

The ITpreneurs courseware revealed to be the best solution for New Horizons Hamburg. The time saved from this resulted in a very-much-welcome faster time to market. As simple as this may sound, this proved to be an essential step that had to be taken in hindsight.

Providing the possibility to white-label materials, however, is not enough. The quality needs to be there and the process of shopping materials, exams, and book instructors must also be as simplified and streamlined as possible. Using the EdCast Marketplace platform as the one-stop global marketplace to purchase ITpreneurs’ materials revealed to be a significant help needed to swiftly acquire training materials.

There’s one other element without which a true partnership can’t be formed: good communication. This is an absolute necessity if collaboration is to flourish. This is only done adequately when both sides put an effort. “ITpreneurs’ help desk was called to react to incidents that are part of normal business activity and always did so promptly and satisfactorily,” according to Lutz.

“ITpreneurs helped us face one of our biggest challenges with a customizable solution that is surprisingly easy to use. Because I have no reservations regarding the high-quality of its content, we continue using ITpreneurs courseware for multiple frameworks.“
Lutz Weigelt, Managing Director of New Horizons Hamburg

Far-reaching Business Impact

For New Horizons Hamburg to successfully allow corporate training managers the ability to easily administer their learning programs and track the progress of all participating employees, it needs to make sure that it can rely on the materials being provided. That’s why the ease of use of ITpreneurs products was an instant game-changer.

It’s not always easy to find a partner that meets one’s requirements and expectations while also exceeding in its ambition to contribute to reaching concrete, quantifiable results. A strong partnership between New Horizons and ITpreneurs has helped each other push the boundaries of what can be done to improve learning experiences. That doesn’t mean it’s time to rest on the laurel. It’s only by continuing to focus on upcoming opportunities and challenges that real value will carry on being delivered.

Click here to find out more about how ITpreneurs can transform your business and speak with an ITpreneurs sales representative. For more information on New Horizons and its IT training services, click here.

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