Offer training in ITSM? Here’s how to benefit from Cyber Resilience

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As cybersecurity risks grow, what used to be a siloed responsibility is revisited. Adapting to the new cyber reality starts with building personal knowledge and skills, then moving to organization-wide culture, collaboration and responsibility. Recently, Dan Cole from AXELOS Global Best Practice spoke at our webinar on how ITSM can play a key role to step up cyber resilience in organizations by taking the lead to build a collaboration plan.

Building a Collaboration Plan

Dan explained that ITSM works with all areas of the cyber resilience chain from information owners to end users, business sponsors, and security specialists. The organization’s critical information assets sit on services owned and run by ITSM on behalf of the business. To build a collaboration plan, Dan highlighted the five areas in the organization that need to be involved in building a collaboration plan:

  1. Start at Home: IT and Service Management
  2. Specialist Skills: Information Security
  3. Setting the tone: Board and Leadership team
  4. Understanding the value: information owners
  5. Everyone is involved: IT users and staff

Cyber Resilience – Leveraging ITIL

Lifecycle management is a key part to build a resilient organization. Cyber resilience is built on the ITIL lifecycle management. ITIL being a proven way to manage IT processes in organizations, you can leverage the existing lifecycle approach, have everybody collaborating and working across the same management system.

With RESILIA, the AXELOS Cyber Resilience best practice, you can help organizations make the best of ITSM and Cyber Resilience. So if you are currently offering training and/or consulting in the ITSM domain, you may find it highly beneficial to add RESILIA to your portfolio. It’s a great opportunity to help your customers to build their capabilities in cyber resilience by enabling them to leverage their ITSM investments.

Cyber Resilience: Whose Problem Is It?

AXELOS requires that all RESILIA training be delivered using approved courseware. ITpreneurs offers accredited training organizations the full suite of foundation and practitioner training solutions in the classroom, eLearning and blended format. Find out more about our RESILIA portfolio.

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