Riding the Next Big Wave… Fast Forward to 2015 (Part 2)

In my previous post, I asked the question: As a training provider, where do you want to be…? A tough question, as it relates to your market segment, organizational size, existing portfolio, and a lot more… So let’s take a practical approach.

Preferably you would like to be in a mature market, as that is where most if the business is. Operating in this space means you have to keep your cost under control, and focus on marketing and sales. At the same time you should consider adopting the rising stars in the fast growing segments. Frameworks like TOGAF® are clearly leading in this segment, and for other frameworks it probably makes sense to work with the accreditation body you feel most comfortable with.

The new and emerging areas are most challenging, as there are no clear programs to go for, and no existing certifications as of yet that have gained sufficient credibility. The market is also highly fragmented, and it will take you a lot of time to understand what to do.

ITpreneurs Frontier Program

The Frontier Program, represent a projection of the future IT skills gap of about 10 years. The objective is to fulfill the projected future skills gap and subsequently enable organizations to evolve out of legacy practices to achieve higher results.

An example of what derived from the Frontier Program is our current Cloud Portfolio. In 2008, despite the growing ‘hype’ around cloud we believed that the ‘hype’ would have a serious impact in the following years. We expected that with each year, the skill gap would widen substantially, which could result in a number of cloud roles going unfilled. We started developing the course in 2009 and within the same year, we launched our own cloud computing foundation course. The positive uptake in the course has led us to further develop our cloud computing competence program. Earlier this year, we unveiled our Professional Cloud Portfolio, which consists of five, role-based IT certification trainings.

The success of our Cloud Portfolio has kept us on this path to help close the skills gap in the IT industry. This year, we have identified two technologies that will represent profound changes to work practices: Big Data and DevOps.

For DevOps we are already offering an DevOps Overview course as well as a business simulation, Bridge-IT. A practitioner oriented course on Continuous Delivery is coming in Q1 as well as a foundation program. Similar initiatives are in place for the other identified areas.


By providing training organizations with a balanced and future-proof training portfolio including products that operate in all three stages of the adoption curve, we believe we can help training and consulting organizations build a portfolio that addresses not only the current skill requirements, but also the future expected skills.

We will continue our focus in 2015 on the Frontier Program, and are keen to work with authors who can help us further extend our portfolio. If you are keen to include your portfolio in our library, or would like to build a course together with us, drop me a note and we can start a discussion.

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Arjan Woertman
Arjan Woertman is the product portfolio director for ITpreneurs. Since starting his tenure at ITpreneurs in 2001, Arjan has lead a number of key initiatives within ITpreneurs including the launch of the IT Governance portfolio, the ITIL Expert Program, Metricus, and other leading programs in ITpreneurs. In his role as VP of R&D he is responsible for nurturing the existing portfolio of learning solutions and expanding the portfolio to include relevant IT management frameworks.