Seven Tips for COBIT® 5 Implementation

Seven TIPS for COBIT 5 Implementation

Over the past decade, the term “governance” has moved to the forefront of business thinking. The pressing need to deliver more value from IT, and a growing number of risk and compliance challenges, are the primary factors for this evolution.

COBIT 5 is a business-driven framework, which guides good IT-related practices for all stakeholders of an enterprise, with a focus on delivering value from IT. The COBIT 5 Implementation guide provides the latest thinking and best practices for improving IT governance.

Building on the principles and concepts learned in the COBIT 5 Foundation Course, the COBIT 5 Implementation Course uses a combination of practical, hands-on exercises and presentations to enable participants to apply these methods in practice.

IT governance and COBIT expert, Gary Hardy, shares his implementation tips in his white paper “COBIT 5 Only As Good As the People Who Use It“. These are based on his many years of real-world experiences and those of others in his network around the world. Teach how to apply these tips by presenting a COBIT 5 Implementation Course.

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Gary Hardy
Gary Hardy is the architect of the ITpreneurs IT governance training portfolio and one of the originators of the COBIT framework. He’s been a lead developer of all the COBIT versions, including COBIT 5. He also has the distinction of being the lead author of all the versions of the COBIT Implementation Guide. His core business activities include consulting, training, and running his own company, ITwinners in South Africa. Recognized globally as a thought leader and implementation expert with over 30 years’ experience, Gary has guided numerous public and private enterprises in implementing IT performance improvements and governance and management practices. He’s also an expert advisor to one of the world’s largest and most significant COBIT-based IT governance improvement programs.