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ITIL® and the Rise of Agile, DevOps, and Lean: Integrating Best Practices to Make High Velocity IT Possible

Although ITIL continued to be adopted due to its proven IT practices implemented by many thousands of organizations through the mid-2000s, many organizations were looking for something more when it comes to service management. Why? To become high-performing IT that can help speed application development, operate more cost-effectively and break down the silos between development…

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Training Businesses: Expectations for 2016

What are your expectations for 2016? More clients, expanding your portfolio, reducing costs? We asked our partners during the latest Product & Services Update webinar and here’s what we learned. Priorities for 2016 Most of the partners (83%) make it a priority to find more clients. Of course, this is no surprise. Also, the majority…

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Lost in Certification: Deconstructing Lean Six Sigma

The term ‘Six Sigma’ is itself so confusing and difficult to define that adding the word ‘certification’ just compounds the problem. Here is what expert Geoff Tennant says, quite early in his book Six Sigma: SPC and TQM in Manufacturing and Services: “Six Sigma is many things, and it would perhaps be easier to list…

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