The One Information Security Course Every Training Company Needs to Offer – Certified Ethical Hacker

Imagine you’re a network administrator. You’re in charge of maintaining the computing environment of your organization by identifying network requirements, installing upgrades, monitoring network performance, etc. But – what about security? That’s probably somewhere in your job description too, but are you ready to defend against a hacker? You know the consequences of being compromised and you’ve read the headlines about major corporations with major infosec infrastructure getting hacked.

icon-people_security-managerToday IT training business owners like yourself have a great opportunity to capitalize on the need for information security professionals with the right set of credentials. Offering the right information security certification course will not only answer the above questions for your learners, it will increase your revenue channels, build your reputation, and set you high on the ‘relevance-meter’.

Safeguarding Is Not Enough

Corporations today have to keep track of phones, tablets, PCs, servers, etc. that are all connected using the most convenient medium we have available – the internet. Who has access to the Internet? Everyone! So, in essence, anyone who has access to the Internet can potentially connect to your storage devices and access your data. Sure, we have safeguards that can restrict this kind of access, but safeguards can be attacked quite easily by anyone who knows the right techniques and tools.

Wouldn’t it make sense to know what the bad guys know, so you can protect yourself from their tactics and methodologies? You could train your learners standard information security training, but wouldn’t they rather learn to think like a hacker? Isn’t it better for them to understand the mindset and techniques of their enemy?

Send a Hacker to Catch a Hacker – Certified Ethical Hacker

The industry standard for learning how hackers think and using their methods against them is EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). The information taught in this course helps network admins, security analysts, and all sorts of IT professionals to better fortify their networks and keep their organizations’ information safe. Hackers can be persistent but will move on to an easier target if the security measures prove too tough to penetrate. That’s the goal – to make the effort required to hack your clients outweigh the benefit of hacking them.

EC-Council’s CEH class immerses learners in a hands-on environment where they will be shown how to conduct ethical hacking. They will be exposed to an entirely different way of achieving information security in their organization by using hacking techniques! Your learners will be trained to scan, test, hack, and ultimately secure their own systems.

The problem is, companies cannot fill job roles fast enough to protect their data because there are too few IT professionals with the right information security know-how on the market. There is a growing global demand for employees who can fight back against the nations, companies, and individuals that are continually and constantly hacking networks and firewalls attempting to steal the most valuable assets any organization has to offer – information.

We are inviting you to take a look at our EC-Council’s portfolio and the world’s most renowned ethical hacking certification program- CEH and decide for yourself.

ITpreneurs offers the EC-Council portfolio exclusively and only in the Middle East and Turkey.
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez graduated from New Mexico State University in 1992 with a degree in Journalism/Mass Communications with an emphasis in Advertising Design. Eric spent 1992 to 1996 working as a house and freelance graphic artist. 1996 to 2008 Eric worked for New Horizons CLC in all positions from Trainer to GM as well as the co-owner of New Horizons of El Paso and New Mexico. Eric joined EC-Council in 2008 and is a member of the Executive Management team, Product Council and Executive Director of the EC-Council Foundation.