How Training Providers Can Help Organizations Step Up Cyber Security

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In Part 3 of my interview with Jay Bavisi (President and Founder of EC-Council), I asked him why it is attractive for IT training and consulting providers to work with EC-Council on cyber security.

The Unique Position of Consulting Companies

Jay explained that an IT consulting company is in a unique position. Organizations rely on the expertise of IT consultants to be able to lead them through the cyber security challenges. Very often IT consultants will have a specialization in one or two areas in information security.

Focus: Information Security is a Very Broad Subject

This is where EC-Council comes in. IT security consultants can rely on the expertise of the EC-Council’s information security portfolio. They can gain knowledge based in various areas. Consultants can use various information frameworks. Whether it is working on incident response, ethical hacking or making sure the risk management of an organization is being applied correctly to ensure the organization remains agile.

Ensuring You’re Up-To-Date

According to Jay, this is how EC-council is able to work with IT consultants and support them. EC-council delivers the latest services in cyber security. IT consulting organizations often face challenges in attrition of consultants and acquisition of talent. Through EC-Council information security program they can bridge the gap. They can make sure that none of these challenges prohibit them or limit their growth to the market.

ITpreneurs has formed a partnership with EC-Council to provide this unique portfolio to IT training and consulting providers in the Middle East and Turkey. Interested to offer this to your clients? Engage us today. We can help you get started.

EC-Council Security Quality Assurance Program

One example that illustrates the broadness of EC-Council information security portfolio is the Security Quality Assurance Program (SQAP). It helps to assess the quality of the existing professionals from a security standpoint. It provides the much-needed assurance required by an organization and helps them identify their training needs. Read this case study on how SQAP benefited an organization.

Connie Tai
Connie Tai is head of products and solutions marketing at ITpreneurs, and engages with training and consulting companies to understand how they can best leverage ITpreneurs portfolio and capabilities. To share any feedback or ideas, please write to her at