What to Do with ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition? a Short Guide to Everyone Invested in ITIL v3

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As an organization, you have invested heavily in ITIL v3. Everyone got trained at the Foundation level, the leaders of your teams completed several Intermediates, and you made sure your top professionals achieved the ITIL Expert level.

ITIL 4 is now knocking on your door, and the first scouts that you sent to ITIL 4 Foundation were very excited. ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition is next, what should you do?

What is ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition

The ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Module is a bridge program. Candidates who hold 17 or more credits in the ITIL v3 scheme can complete the Managing Professional Transition Module to achieve the designation ITIL Managing Professional (or ITIL MP). The MP Transition course is a 5-day classroom workshop or an equivalent number of hours in an online format.

The program covers the key topics and objectives from the four underlying programs of ITIL Managing Professional stream (Create, Deliver and Support; Drive Stakeholder Value; High Velocity IT; and Direct Plan & Improve). This means that in a relatively short period of time your IT professionals can gain the ITIL Managing Professional designation and get fully up and running with ITIL 4. As the next step, these professionals will just need to take the ITIL Leader Digital & IT Strategy module to gain the ITIL Strategic Leader designation.


For who is the ITIL Managing Professional Bridge relevant.

If your professionals have completed several ITIL Intermediate programs and have obtained at least 17 credits, the Managing Professional Transition Module is the fastest way to get your teams trained up on ITIL 4, as the investment is only 5 days of training.

Some examples

  • ITIL v3 Foundation (2 credits), ITIL v3 Practitioner (3 credits), and three Capability programs (3×4=12 credits) = 17 credits
  • ITIL v3 Foundation (2 credits), 4 Capability programs (4×4=16) = 18 credits
  • ITIL v3 Foundation (2 credits), 5 Lifecycle programs (5×3=15) = 17 credits

How can ITpreneurs help?

ITpreneurs offers high-quality training materials for ITIL 4, including ITIL Managing Professional Transition Module that you can use to train your teams. Our programs have been built with over 300 subject matter experts, trainers and consultants and are well received.

  • Best in class student handbooks for ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Module, available as electronic, printed, or printable materials.
  • Electronic delivery materials for instructors, continuously updated to provide instructors always with the latest and most relevant versions.
  • Available as of 1st of October 2019, initially as classroom materials, and later also as a self-study program.
  • The ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Module follows the same design approach as developed for ITIL 4 Foundation, and also applied in the other Managing Professional and
  • Strategic Leader programs.
  • This means that everyone in the organization will benefit from the same consistent approach to ITIL 4, and learn in a similar fashion following the same instructional design.
  • In addition to the ITIL 4 design approach, this course is specifically aligned to bring the delegates at Bloom’s level 2 and 3 (Understanding and Application).
  • Programs available in a simple and intuitive Pay per Use program, or through a Subscription.
  • Exams are available for organizations that work directly with ITpreneurs and for ITpreneurs Affiliates.
  • Delivered through EdCast Marketplace, which offers additional services such as an instructor marketplace.


When you are planning to invest in ITIL 4, getting those who are furthest ahead in ITIL v3 up to the ITIL 4 Managing Professional designation is probably your best option. By investing in 5-days of training for these professionals, you benefit from building an understanding in all 4 of the Managing Professional modules. Once these professionals are fully up to speed and understand best how ITIL 4 complements your existing ITIL v3 practices, you can decide to skill-up the rest of your teams.

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