Why Leading IT Training Businesses are Redefining Their Core Strategies

As a training provider, what do you see as your core business and core value proposition? In talking to many leaders of IT and business training companies around the world, I have seen a shift in what these organizations define as their core business.

During the past decade, the leading thinkers and strategists in the training business have re-defined their core focus to customer needs and ownership of the results on the customer’s behalf, while partnering with specialist providers to ensure quality training delivery, including the development of training content to managing instructors and accreditations.

How You Can Stay Relevant in Today’s Market

Having made this statement, a lot of training companies are still being run the traditional way. We usually see most training business still working with the conventional “bums-on-seats” types of models with little interaction with customers on why they are training their employees, and with little follow-up in terms of how the training has helped them towards their business objectives.

icon-laptopTraining providers, in order to stay relevant, need to make the shift to a more customer-centric approach. The focus has to be on customers, their needs and ensuring the customers get value for business from training. IT training providers have to shift away from focus on processes such as training content development and training back-office operations by partnering with professional content companies. This is the new value chain in the training industry that is emerging, and will continue to strengthen.

ITpreneurs is already powering the business of hundreds of training providers and helping them make this shift by using a business model that is more agile and more profitable for training providers.

Staying Relevant Just Got Easier

When you partner with ITpreneurs for your training content needs, you also enjoy the value-adding services provided by our services team which operates round the clock to serve your needs and those of your learners.

The services include:

  • Managing accreditations for your organization and your instructors
  • Exams booking and management of certificates
  • Managing scheduling of individual learner exams including (web) proctoring
  • Partner-branded Learning Management System set-up

For your learners/trainers, we provide support to deal with issues such as:

  • Access to course/login
  • Access to Learning Management System
  • Support on queries related to eLearnings, eBooks, Instructor Packages, Presentation Packs, Portals, Classroom materials
  • Reporting on license consumption

By offering a portfolio of products and services, we enable IT training providers like yourself to deliver high-quality training solutions around the globe and stay relevant in today’s market.

Have a look at how you can leverage our learning solutions and save valuable resources.

Sukhbir Jasuja
Sukhbir Jasuja is a co-founder and CEO of ITpreneurs. ITpreneurs develops solutions to help IT Training providers in over 80 countries enhance their offerings and refine their business model in the fast changing industry. He is based out of ITpreneurs HQ in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.