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Agile Scrum Foundation
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About Agile Scrum Foundation Premium

The value of working with Agile and Scrum lies in the fact that both the client and the IT delivery team continuously acquire and build up insight. In this training course, the division of responsibilities between client and supplier is brought clearly into focus. We examine the value of short-cycle delivery, direct feedback loops and fixed delivery deadlines in relation to predictability.

The EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation is a certification provided by the EXIN certification and accreditation body to validate a professional’s blended knowledge in Agile methodologies and Scrum practices. In this course, the benefits and practices of Agile frameworks, in general, and Scrum in particular will be explored. Topics include working together successfully with Agile to achieve the objectives set by the customer. The course covers the Scrum practices regarding cross-functional and self-managed teams, producing a working deliverable at the end of each iteration or sprint.