Agile Scrum Product Owner Premium

Agile Scrum Product Owner
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About Agile Scrum Product Owner Premium

The role of Scrum Product Owner is perhaps the most extensive and demanding role in the scrum process. Product Owners are at the center of things. Within a project, the Product Owner must possess certain essential qualities:

  • Authority: a Product Owner must be able to make decisions and have the courage of his convictions
  • Time: being able to command time in order to be available for the role of Product Owner
  • Knowledge: so that this role can be played successfully

The first section of the course deals with the following: the philosophy behind Agile; the division of roles between the business and IT; exploring the agile methods of Scrum and DSDM Atern; roles within Agile (Business Sponsor, Business Visionary, Scrum Master and Product Owner). The second section of the Scrum Product Owner training course focuses on applying and doing. Theory becomes clear through challenging, pragmatic exercises and a simulation game. Participants gain insight into the impact of developing in short cycles, iteratively and incrementally.