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About Bookstore™

Many organizations are being forced to invest in Information management as a new IT management capability. BiSL® (Business Information Service Library) is the latest ITSM framework to help bring this under control. However many are struggling to understand what Information management is, how and why BiSL can help? How to engage with the Business to ensure that both Business & IT assume their responsibilities?

This simulation helps business and IT people understand the need for Information management and helps develop dialogue and concrete actions for dealing with these issues.


  • Understand the Concepts of Information Management
  • Understanding the relationship between Business managers, Information Management, Applications and Infrastructure Management
  • Design and apply Information Management processes such as Information Requirements, Managing Functionality, Applications Management
  • Understand how BiSL (Business Information Service Library) can be used to assess IM Capabilities, Create Dialogue with the Business and help Structure and Improve IM Capabilities


In this simulation, participants play employees of the company BookStore™. This company sells books and has 150 shops in the country. Management has an ambitious growth plan. In the course of the game, BookStore™, will introduce new products and services. BookStore™ intends to interact with its customers by using smartphones.
Participants of this simulation will manage sources of information and applications. They will learn to recognize what the information needs of the Business are. They will have to consider how user support and supplier management should be implemented.

Information Planning

The information manager shall put together an information plan based on the business plans of BookStore™. To achieve this, an analysis of the current infrastructure and applications will have to be made. The availability of new technology should also be checked in cooperation with the external supplier.The information manager will work closely together with the business managers and other roles in IT, and the Business, in order to translate the business plan to the right solutions. Examples are:

  • Increase of Provided Services
  • Changes to Current Services
  • Optimization of Infrastructure