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Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional

Designed to address the numerous issues plaguing professionals in managing hardware assets, the IAITAM Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP) Course follows the lifecycle of…

Certificate Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional
Duration 2 Days
Delivery Blended, Classroom, Virtual Classroom
Accreditor APMG
Languages English

What is included in Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional

Course Description

Designed to address the numerous issues plaguing professionals in managing hardware assets, the IAITAM Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP) Course follows the lifecycle of IT hardware assets beyond the scope of the cradle to grave analogy and discusses the business practices that can best be used to manage those assets efficiently and cost-effectively. Emphasis is placed on identifying the policies that enhance lifecycle management. In general, policies are only effective if developed by a cross-section of the impacted departments, are reviewed frequently to remain current and are consistently communicated and enforced.

Course Information

Certification: Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional

Duration: 2 Days

Domain: IT Governance and Strategy

Delivery Method: Blended, Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Accreditor: APMG

Available Languages: English

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The two-day CHAMP Course is designed for those individuals with minimal to no experience in the field of Hardware Asset Management. It is essential learning for beginning IT Asset Managers and other IT professionals involved in Asset Management, resource budgeting, finance, software licensing, contract management and strategic planning. Although there are no prerequisites, some knowledge of contracts and hardware life-cycle management is encouraged.  

Learning Objectives

Individuals certified at this level will have demonstrated their understanding of:

  • Implement and build inventory processes and controls including asset tagging, automation such as discovery tools and coordinate with the help desk in order to assure assignment of hardware assets to the correct resources based on standards, budgets and customer needs
  • Maintain visibility into hardware inventory in use and in storage, building controls and data throughout the life of the asset in order to maximize savings and value such as  reducing support and rollout costs while maintaining organizational efficiency and performance
  • Develop, implement and promote program elements such as policies, processes, procedures and measurements for hardware acquisitions, installations, usage and disposition
  • Ensure that all parties understand and adhere to legal requirements for managing hardware assets
  • Provide the correct hardware for specified users and applications and refreshing at optimal intervals to obtain the best value and redeploying to eliminate unnecessary acquisitions
  • Ensure processes include linkages between information elements such as uniquely identifying the contract so that relationships between the assets and other contract documents are tracked
  • Utilize available resources to solve problems, aware that Hardware Asset Management issues interrelate and impact important business objectives
  • Ensure disposal regulations are met, disposal properly executed and documentation maintained so that organizational data is secure, disposition choices are monitored and evaluated, software harvested and disposition vendors audited
  • Plan and participate in the hardware elements of projects that improve the organization’s efficiency, performance and goal attainment
  • Provide strategic direction to the creation and maintenance of an effective Vendor Management program
  • Empower, train and support all assigned Asset Management personnel
  • Build and nurture productive relationships with all other business units, both those that have interaction with the IT business functions and those that are customers
  • Encourage and maintain executive management support for all IT related endeavors
  • Develop communication plans to increase employee awareness of Hardware Asset Management
  • Conduct responsibilities and tasks in support of the CITAM

Course Outline

  • Introduction to IAITAM
  • Instructor Introduction
  • Student introductions
  • ITAM Code of Ethics
  • Communication and Education Management Overview
  • Policy Management in Hardware Asset Management
  • Core Processes for Effective Policy Management
  • Self-Assessment and Action Planning
  • Setting Up the Hardware Asset Management Program Hardware Asset Management Standards
  • Planning and Implementing Change
  • Measuring Success
  • Procurement Through Acceptance Processes
  • Negotiations and Pricing Structures
  • Vendor Management
  • Receiving – Centralization, Tagging Methodologies, Defective Equipment, Outsourcing
  • Managing The Life Of The Asset
  • Support Infrastructure – Policies, Developing Life Cycle Processes And Procedures
  • Working With The Help Desk – Tools, Lifecycle Deployment, IT Framework Implementations
  • Managing The Inventory
  • Discovery Tools – Technical Characteristics, Functionality
  • Ownership Repositories – Characteristics, Phased Implementation, Evaluation
  • Choosing The Right Level Of Detail
  • Distribute, Dispose or Redeployment
  • End Of Lease – Asset Tracking, Contractual Implications
  • DataCenter Power Consumption and Green Initiatives
  • Disposal Management – Legislation, Logistics, Data Removal, Documentation, Reuse,
  • De-manufacturing
  • Questions and Review Before Test

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