Challenge of Egypt™

One day (8 hours)
Classroom, Simulation
Dutch, English, Russian, Spanish

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About Challenge of Egypt™

Between 60 – 80% of projects fail to realize the required results, despite the enormous amount of PM certificates in PMI® or Prince2®. This is generally not because of the lack of education or theory, but because of the lack of understanding of how to translate theory into practice, or the lack of the right behavior within the team. If you want to learn how to translate theory into practice, assess your project behavior and processes—and identify how to improve your project management performance, this business simulation can help.


  • Explore Project Management best practices and how to effectively use them
  • Increase Project Performance and Value
  • Understand Project Roles and Dependencies
  • Get more out your Project Management training, translate Theory into Practice
  • Improve Team Work and Identify Improvements to the way you Manage and Run Projects


This simulation takes place in ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh asks the leader of the group of pyramid builders (steering group) to build a pyramid to secure his journey to the afterworld; this being essential for his eternal existance. The steering group assigns a project leader and a project team to execute the project. The team has to deal with all kinds of events and setbacks to keep the project within scope, quality, budget and time. This requires managing work packages, managing risks, managing tolerances and all those other best practice project management processes and procedures. But, be prepared… the Pharaoh has other issues and other ideas that may impact the project!