CCC Cloud Business Associate (CBA)

Cloud Business Associate
2 days
Classroom, Virtual Classroom
Cloud Credential Council
Available as
Pay Per Use Courseware

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About CCC Cloud Business Associate (CBA)

The Cloud Business Associate (CBA) is a foundation level course and is designed to ensure that participants develop sufficient knowledge and understanding on the business perspective of cloud computing to support the cloud adoption decision process within an organization. This course will help participants to develop technical knowledge to develop business insights into how different aspects of cloud computing will affect their business.

The CBA course is the starting point for anyone who wants to embark on the cloud journey, and gradually move in the direction of becoming the cloud expert through cloud professional courses.
The course materials include comprehensive reference materials that help participants continue the educational experience after the course. The CBA course prepares candidates for the CBA exam provided by the Cloud Credential Council (CCC). The PCSM course is endorsed, recognized and supported by several key technology vendors and Standards bodies.