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Communication Skills Expert

Communication is an integral part of human lives. How effective we are in our communication can make a real difference in our interaction with others…

Certificate None
Duration 2 Days
Delivery Blended, Classroom, Virtual Classroom
Languages English

What is included in Communication Skills Expert

Course Description

Communication is an integral part of human lives. How effective we are in our communication can make a real difference in our interaction with others and the achievement of our objectives. So, unless we have made an effort to understand the art of communication, most of us tend to operate on instinct when we deal with others.

In the business world, the success of an individual and a team depends upon the ability of individuals to communicate with others in different circumstances, whether face to face or virtually. Every interaction with another person determines how you are perceived and is an opportunity to develop trust and exert positive influence. Each situation has its own challenges: presenting one to one or to an audience of one thousand, conveying information to a project team or delivering a difficult message, negotiating under pressure or just talking informally over the phone.

The communications skills covered in this course will increase a participant’s’ ability to exercise choice and control for every type of conversation, influence even without authority, create rapport and increase productivity by diminishing the risk of miscommunication. After completing this course, the participants will learn to get more out of each communication opportunity and enhance your positive relationships with colleagues, strangers, family, and friends.

Course Information

Certification: None

Duration: 2 Days

Domain: Process Improvement

Delivery Method: Blended, Classroom, Virtual Classroom


Available Languages: English

Purchase Options: Pay Per Use Courseware



Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the background and extended concepts of the body language
  • Prioritize ideas and messages.
  • Handle audiences.
  • Handle difficult situations
  • Successful meetings
  • Overcoming negative negotiation situations
  • Conversate, making eye contact and answering questions.
  • Remember, show and transmit enthusiasm.
  • Make good choice of words, poise and express conviction, repetition, and more.

Course Outline

Before we Begin

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Purpose/Inspiration
  • Course Dynamics
  • Self Evaluation on Advanced Communication Skills Knowledge – Class Discussion

Expand your communication abilities and succeed


  • Internal Representations


  • Body Language and Micro-Expressions
  • Video: TED Talk- How Body Language and Micro Expressions Predict Success
  • Negotiation Skills Expert Tips
  • Example/Role play: Overcoming a Negative Bargaining Zone
  • Presentation Skills Expert Tips
  • Video: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are
  • Meetings: Dealing with Challenges
  • Meetings: Preparing for and Evaluate its Outcome
  • Feedback
  • Video: How to Save the World from Bad Meetings – TED
  • Distant communication:Telephone, Web conferencing
  • Assessing your Audience
  • Handling Difficult Communications
  • Optional Video: Body Language -The Importance Of Being Inauthentic


Full Day Activity

  • Option 1: Simulation Game
  • Option 2:  Videos, Activities and Discussions
  • Option 3: Special Assignments – Live Presentations



  • Wrap Up
  • Self Assessment GAP
  • Feedback Form
  • Closing Remarks

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