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Data Analysis Boot Camp

The Data Analysis Boot Camp equips candidates with the knowledge, techniques and models to transform data into usable insights for making business decisions. The course…

Duration 3 Days (in-person), 4-days (online)
Delivery Blended, Classroom, Virtual Classroom
Languages English

What is included in Data Analysis Boot Camp

Course Description

The Data Analysis Boot Camp equips candidates with the knowledge, techniques and models to transform data into usable insights for making business decisions. The course simplifies complex concepts, breaks down math jargon and helps navigate complex symbols and equations. These skills enable candidates to zoom in on the most useful data and apply it in the real world. It also provides practical techniques for presenting findings to quickly make decisions that drive organizations forward. These tools include graphic presentation techniques and simplified models to transform the results of data analysis into digestible, easy-to-understand insights and usable recommendations.

Course Information


Duration: 3 Days (in-person), 4-days (online)

Domain: Emerging Technologies

Delivery Method: Blended, Classroom, Virtual Classroom


Available Languages: English

Purchase Options: Pay Per Use Courseware


Anyone involved in operations, project management, business analysis, or management would benefit from this class. This training course is invaluable data analysis training for:

  • Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, CBAP, CCBA
  • Systems, Operations Research, Marketing, and other Analysts
  • Project Manager, Program Manager, Team Leader, PMP, CAPM
  • Data Modelers and Administrators, DBAs
  • IT Manager, Director, VP
  • Finance Manager, Director, VP
  • Operations Supervisor, Manager, Director, VP
  • Risk Managers, Operations Risk Professionals
  • Process Improvement, Audit, Internal Consultants and Staff
  • Executives exploring cost reduction and process improvement options
  • Job seekers and those who want to show dedication to process improvement
  • Senior staff who make or recommend decisions to executives

Learning Objectives

  • Get beyond basics to identify opportunities, manage change and develop deep visibility into your organization
  • Leave class understanding the terminology and jargon of analytics, business intelligence and statistics
  • Learn a wealth of practical applications for applying data analysis capability
  • Visualize both data and the results of your analysis for straightforward graphical presentation to stakeholders 
  • Learn to estimate more accurately than ever, while accounting for variance, error, and Confidence Intervals
  • Practice creating a valuable array of plots and charts to reveal hidden trends and patterns in your data 
  • Differentiate between “signal” and “noise” in your data – smooth what’s extraneous and reveal what’s important 
  • Understand and leverage different distribution models, and how each applies in the real world
  • Get in-depth with practical statistics, and how they relate to risk, probability, results and action
  • Develop a robust, practical understanding of probability theory – and how to leverage it
  • Form and test hypotheses – use multiple methods to define and interpret useful predictions
  • Learn about statistical inference and drawing conclusions about the population
  • Leave class with a substantial yet practical toolbox of modeling skills
  • Use computation to mine data, run simulations, find clusters and discover important attributes
  • Apply your data to practical uses: Reporting, Dashboards, Metrics, Quality, Financial Modeling and more
  • Get hands-on with predictive analytics – leave class with the vocabulary and algorithms you need
  • Forecast future results, find opportunities for process improvement, and analyze past performance
  • Get a comprehensive introduction to the INFORMS CAP (Certified Analytics Professional) certification
  • Investigate a number of real-world examples that bring to life the new tools you’ve learned
  • Over three days, get access to a real-world data expert who relates skills and methods to your own scenario

Course Outline


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