DASA DevOps Fundamentals 1.0 eLearning

DASA DevOps Fundamentals
18 hours
Devops Agile Skills Association

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DASA DevOps Fundamentals eLearning

The DASA DevOps Fundamentals is the first step in progressing through the DASA qualification scheme. It provides an extensive introduction to the core Agile DevOps principles covering the essential knowledge and skill competences that have been defined by the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA).

This course is designed to provide the core education necessary to build your DevOps vocabulary, understand its principles and practices, and acquire a fundamental understanding of DevOps.

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  • The ITpreneurs DevOps Fundamentals eLearning course is a practical and hands-on 18 hour training program that builds an understanding of all 12 areas of the DASA competence model.
  • 18 hours of self-paced online learning
  • Accessible on mobile, tablet, computer
  • Fun and engaging learning, with quizzes, exercises, interactive learning elements
  • Audio and narration available depending on your choice of learning
  • Created by DevOps experts who also appear on videos throughout this course

Target Audience DASA DevOps Fundamentals

DASA DevOps Fundamentals is for anyone involved with Agile and DevOps initiatives in an organization. Completing the course and passing the Fundamentals certification is a key ingredient in a DevOps Journey.

  • Individuals in IT Development, IT Operations or IT Service Management
  • Individuals who require a detailed understanding of DevOps principles
  • IT Professionals working within, or about to enter and Agile Service Design Environment

What Is Included with This Course

  • Access 90 days access to the DevOps eLearning course materials.
  • ITpreneurs DASA training programs prepare for the official DASA DevOps certifications – exam voucher included*

*Course also available for sale without exam voucher

ITpreneurs is a DASA Authorized Courseware Partner

  • Training materials authorized by DASA
  • Independently validated for meeting the learning objectives of the DASA DevOps Fundamentals Syllabus
  • ITpreneurs works with many DASA Training Partners to deliver the DASA DevOps training programs to the market
DASA DevOps qualification scheme

Course Outline

Every module of the Fundamentals course includes expert videos. These videos help to provide context to the theory provided and examples to better understand the subject areas.

Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Purpose of DevOps
  • Course Overview
  • Let’s Talk DevOps: Meet the Expert!
  • DASA Competence Framework
  • Course Objectives
  • DASA: Mastering DevOps in Practice (Knowledge and Skills) Exam

Module 2: DevOps Introduction

  • Let’s Talk DevOps: Meet the Expert!
  • Emergence of DevOps
  • Core Concepts of DevOps

Module 3: Culture

  • Essence of a DevOps Culture
  • Key Elements of DevOps
  • Implementation of a DevOps Culture

Module 4: Organization

  • Organizational Model
  • Autonomous Teams
  • Architecting for DevOps
  • Governance

Module 5: Processes

  • DevOps in Relation to ITSM
  • Agile and Scrum
  • Optimizing Processes Using Lean
  • Business Value Optimization and Business Analysis Using Story Mapping

Module 6: Automation

  • 6A Automation Concepts:
  • Automation for Delivery of Software
  • Continuous Delivery Core Concepts
  • Continuous Delivery Automation Concepts
  • Continuous Delivery Automation Focus Topics
  • 6B Data Center Automation:
  • Emergence of Cloud Technology and Principles
  • Cloud Services Concepts in a DevOps Organization
  • Automated Provisioning Concepts
  • Platform Product Characteristics and Application Maturity

Module 7: Measure and Improvement

  • Importance of Measurement
  • Choosing the Right Metrics
  • Monitoring and Logging

Module 8: Exam preparation

The DevOps Fundamentals exams are delivered by APMG and iSQI. The participants and training organizations can attain the vouchers for the exam through ITpreneurs.

Learners can run a simulated exam session to validate they are ready for the exam.
A complete sample exam is included allowing learners to practice for their exam as often as they like and test their readiness.

Download the Mock Exam

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