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DevOps Implementation Boot Camp

This three-day DevOps Implementation training class is loaded with practical real-world tools and techniques. This is a comprehensive program to get your participants started on…

Certificate None
Duration 3 Days
Delivery Blended, Classroom, Virtual Classroom
Languages English

What is included in DevOps Implementation Boot Camp

Course Description

This three-day DevOps Implementation training class is loaded with practical real-world tools and techniques. This is a comprehensive program to get your participants started on the road to DevOps success.

Your participants will leave this course fully literate in the whole array of available DevOps tools and lessons, ready to select what’s right for them and chart a path to holistic long-term IT success in their own organization.

Course Information

Certification: None

Duration: 3 Days

Domain: Solution Development and Deployment

Delivery Method: Blended, Classroom, Virtual Classroom


Available Languages: English

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This boot camp is designed for anyone involved in the IT value chain. From daily operations to executive leadership, this course teaches what you need to implement DevOps.


This course is great for:

  • Anyone in an IT Leadership role
  • CIOs / CTOs
  • System Administrators
  • IT Operations Staff
  • Release Engineers
  • Configuration Managers
  • Anyone involved with IT infrastructure
  • Developers and Application Team leads
  • ScrumMasters
  • Software Managers and Team Leads
  • IT Project & Program Managers
  • Product Owners and Managers

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to leverage infrastructure automation using the leading configuration tools: Chef, Puppet, Ansible and SaltStack
  • Chart a path to continuous IT operations in your own organization
  • Transform IT from an unpredictable cost center to a strategic source of business value and competitive advantage
  • Implement a cultural transformation plan to unify teams behind a business mission
  • Learn how to continuously monitor capacity and operations
  • Map and visualize IT workflow to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline capacity
  • Prioritize preventative work and structured paydown of technical debt – leave class ready to isolate and catalog issues, get them on the backlog and begin improving overall quality of IT operations
  • Implement a plan for leadership participation and transformation of the IT mentality
  • Learn to implement Kanban for operational IT work – visualize and manage the IT workflow pipeline
  • Track and manage Work in Progress (WIP) so you can tune your production work to its greatest efficiency
  • Implement a real-world plan to break down siloes between different IT departments
  • Learn how to spot positive feedback loops in IT work, and capitalize on them to boost efficiency
  • Evangelize the DevOps mentality when you return to work with our pre-written “DevOps Business Case” for company leaders and executives
  • Learn techniques to effectively communicate the progress and results of your DevOps efforts to management
  • Learn a practical process for integrating product quality “at the source,” reducing reliance on backend QA and reactive measures to quality issues
  • Get real-world techniques for implementing agile concepts into infrastructure management and the production environment
  • In-class discussion on the state of IaaS and PaaS, and expert updates on which cloud capabilities you should be aware of or considering
  • Take back our exclusive “DevOps Toolbox” resource kit – including three definitive books on modernizing and unifying your IT capabilities and a directory of technical tools
  • Become literate in a DevOps toolbox: Agile practices, real-time version control, configuration management, containerization and automation tools for infrastructure, monitoring and application deployment

Course Outline

Part 1: What is DevOps…Really?

  • History of the movement
  • DevOps – More than just Dev and Ops
  • The Anatomy of a DevOps mentality


Part 2: The Cultural Component

  • Leadership
  • Organizational Culture – can it really be changed?
  • Individual Contribution to Culture
  • A New Way to Fail
  • Kaizen and Continuous Improvement


Part 3: Implementing the DevOps Way of Work

  • The Manufacturing Analogy
  • Cataloging and Eliminating Waste
  • Agile Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Configuration Management in the Cloud
  • Monitoring and Measurement
  • Kanban – Visualizing and Tracking IT Work
  • Security
  • Change Management
  • Managed Deployments
  • Time-Blocking and Integrating Internal IT Work
  • Automation
  • Deep Dive: Automation Tools
  • Towards Continuous Operation
  • DevOps in the Enterprise
  • Class Conclusion: Charting your course

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