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About GamingWorks – Marslander Simulation

ITIL® 4 re-shapes the established ITSM practices in the wider context of customer experience, value streams, and digital transformation, and embraces new ways of working, such as Lean, Agile, and DevOps. It is now recognized that effective service delivery and service management require us to be more agile and lean. It is required to align different team capabilities to ensure that software, hardware, and services are in sync and it is important to manage new demands and changes rapidly. Organizations need to be flexible, continuously learn and improve their services and capabilities. They need to work in multifunctional teams to share knowledge, reduce conflicts and ensure that everyone is aligned to realize customer needs and to increase the flow of work

The MarsLander simulation is based on examining and experiencing how an IT Service management organization can be transformed into a more Agile and Lean organization. This simulation is based on a fictitious organization called SPACE-Y. SPACE-Y launches rockets into space and in this case, they launch MarsLander II to Mars. During these space programs, SPACE-Y collect different types of data (including text, images, and movies) and provide it to universities, schools, and research centers. This means that SPACE-Y is delivering SERVICES to universities, schools, and research centers and the contracts are signed by the Sales Director.