One day (8 hours)
Classroom, Simulation
Dutch, English

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About Oceans99™

After Oceans11, 12 and 13 we now have Oceans99, a business simulation about Information Risk Management! The story is about a large exhibition in the Tokyo Museum. An important Bank is sponsoring this challenging event.

During the preparation of this exhibition there is a rumour that Oceans99 has made plans to steal precious objects. We don’t know how Oceans99 wants to do this but your challenge is to analyse possible risks, protect you against threats and to make the exhibition a success.

Learning Objectives

Each of the simulations will be customized towards your own objectives. But in general these are the main objectives:

  • Learn the key processes of Information Security Management
  • Learn how to organize your organization with all security roles
  • Learn how to deal with all kind of security issues
  • Learn how to deal with different interests in organizations, operations vs security
  • Learn the importance of the Human factors like discipline, awareness etc