PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)

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Agile is a philosophy that uses organizational models based on people, collaboration and shared values, such as rolling wave planning; iterative and incremental delivery; rapid…

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Certificate PMI-ACP®
Duration 3 Days
Delivery Blended, Classroom, Virtual Classroom
Accreditor PMI
Languages English

What is included in PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)

Course Description

Agile is a philosophy that uses organizational models based on people, collaboration and shared values, such as rolling wave planning; iterative and incremental delivery; rapid and flexible response to change; and open communication between teams, stakeholders and customers. There are many methodologies that adhere to these tenets such as SCRUM, Kanban, Lean, XP.

Agile is a topic of growing importance in project management. The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® is developed in response to this increasing demand of organizations in the marketplace for project practitioners who can apply a diversity of methods to their projects. 

This PMI-ACP® course provides a high-quality training program that teaches you the skills and knowledge you need to successfully apply Agile practices in real life and to pass the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®examination to earn your certification.

This classroom course is aimed at people who work in Agile projects or whose organizations are adopting Agile principles

Course Information

Certification: PMI-ACP®

Duration: 3 Days

Domain: Solution Development and Deployment

Delivery Method: Blended, Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Accreditor: PMI

Available Languages: English

Purchase Options: Pay Per Use Courseware


  • You or your organization use Agile practices or your organization is adopting Agile methods
  • Professionals pursuing the PMI-ACP® certification:
    • CIO / CTO / IT Executives
    • Project / Program Management Officers
    • Development / Operation Managers
    • Project Managers / Team Leads
    • Developers/ Programmers
    • Designers / Testers
    • Project Controllers / Planners
    • Product Owners / Stakeholders
    • Scrum Masters / Scrum Team Members

Learning Objectives

Individuals who have completed this course will have an understanding of:

  • Agile manifesto, principles, and practices across Agile methodologies, such as:
  • Scrum
  • eXtreme Programming (XP)
  • Lean
  • Kanban
  • Dynamic Systems Development Methods (DSDM)
  • Test-Driven / Feature-Driven Developments
  • Agile project lifecycle and key Agile management skills and social, economical and environmental influences. 
  • Applying Agile management knowledge and skills, such as communications, coaching and mentoring, leadership, team motivation, problem-solving strategies, and more.
  • Using Agile tools & techniques, such as value-based prioritization, risk management, soft skills negotiation, product quality, Agile estimation, analysis, and design.
  • How to deliver a high-quality product in a shorter period of time 
  • Empowerment of team; self-organization and self-management 
  • Professional responsibilities concerning Agile Project management.

Requirements to apply for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner certification and pass the PMI-ACP ® exam

Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction 

  • Introduction to the Course 
  • Course Overview
  • Module Structure


Module 2 – An Introduction to Agile  

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Agile Principles and Mindset


Module 3 – Life Cycle Selection 

  • Overview of Project Life cycles
  • Life Cycle Selection


Module 4 – Creating an Agile Environment

  • Agile Mindset
  • Servant Leadership
  • Team Composition


Module 5 – Delivering in an Agile Environment

  • Agile Project Charter
  • Common Agile Practices
  • Troubleshooting Agile Project Challenges
  • Measurements in Agile Projects


Module 6 – Organizational Considerations

  • Organizational Considerations for Project Agility 
  • Agile and the Project Management Office


Module 7 – Agile Approaches and Methods

  • Agile Scaled Approaches
  • Agile Team Methods


Module 8 – Domain and Tasks

  • Agile Principles and Mindset  
  • Value Driven Delivery 
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Team Performance 
  • Adaptive Planning
  • Problem Detection and Resolution
  • Continuous Improvement


Module 9 – Agile Tools and Techniques

  • Agile Analysis and Design
  • Agile Estimation
  • Communications
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Metrics
  • Planning, Monitoring and Adapting
  • Process Improvement
  • Product Quality
  • Risk Management
  • Value-based Prioritization


Module 10 – Agile Knowledge and Skills

  • Agile Analysis and Design


Module 11 – PMI-ACP Exam Preparation

  • Introduction to PMI®
  • PMI-ACP® Exam Content
  • PMI-ACP® Application Overview
  • Exam Preparation

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