Security Awareness Training

25 minutes
Available as
Pay Per Use Courseware

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About Security Awareness Training

Despite the best efforts of organizations worldwide, cybercrime is rising rapidly, and it is expected to cost organizations a stunning amount in 2019: $2 trillion. This is because human error continues to be the biggest threat to information security. This course aims to mitigate human error by teaching how to:

  • Classify data
  • Protect confidential/sensitive data
  • Secure mobile devices
  • Secure remote and home offices
  • Avoid social engineering scams like pretexting and phishing, and
  • Create strong passwords

The course aims to maximize learning by using a challenge-based approach that helps user
understand the best practices they should follow in office every day.

Users are frequently asked to resolve common challenges that employees face every day – everything from recognizing the classification level of sensitive files to recognizing phishing and other social engineering attempts.