One day (8 hours)
Classroom, Simulation

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About TOPMeeting™

Project organizations are continually faced with too many projects and too few resources. Continually changing project demands. Project organizations must learn to balance these demands and quickly and effectively allocate resources, manage projects to deliver value.

In this business simulation a team must manage multiple projects, facing unforeseen set-backs, changing business and market demands. The team must demonstrate control, present information and proposals for balancing demands and priorities and steer on realizing project value and minimizing business risks.


  • Experience working in a project organization that must help realize business goals.
  • To learn and experience the 7 CMM-I processes relating to CMM-I level 2.
  • To recognize your own role in a project organization and the behavior required.
  • Experience how to analyze and improve project performance
  • Scenario

    You are employed by the company TOPMeeting. This company hires out conference and meeting facilities. You work within the project organization. The project sponsor who is the owner of the company has an ambitious plan to build 3 new business objects aimed at increasing the revenue of the company. He has assigned the task and the designs to the Steering group and delegated the management and control of the projects to the them. The team determines the requirements and translates these into project plans, work plans and monitoring mechanisms. The projects are then executed. Various unforeseen events will put the projects under pressure; the project organization will need to effectively respond to ensure that the revenue targets are achieved.