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DASA devOps Partner Enablement

Back in 2016 ITpreneurs started to deliver DASA DevOps courseware. This, then new, addition to our portfolio really hit a snare with our customers. “DevOps” has been a hot topic ever since. Not just with us, but with a global audience of customers. Keep reading to learn how to add this dominating topic in the training world to your portfolio.

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Start Delivering DASA DevOps Courses

Let’s first discuss becoming a DASA Training Partner. This is a prerequisite for teaching DASA DevOps.

With an increase in demand for DevOps training out there. There is a real need for organizations to have a trusted body of knowledge they can rely on.

ITpreneurs has been a Courseware Partner with DASA from the beginning, back in 2016. We passionately believe in their way of defining DevOps, the need to skill people and their approach to doing this.

So, what is it you need to do to become a DASA Training Partner? That is quite simple.

  • Login to your business account at our delivery platform Leapest;
  • Find a DASA DevOps product;
  • Request access to it;
  • And go through an agreement and a payment process for the $50 annual fee.

That’s it! You are now able to buy DASA DevOps Courseware from ITpreneurs and at the same time be named a DASA Training Partner.

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The Need for Qualified Trainers

Once your company is a DASA Training Partner you will need a qualified trainer to teach the classes. DASA wants to ensure its core beliefs are taught well and one way of ensuring this is the introduction of Qualified Trainers.

  1. There are two ways to get a qualified trainer for your classes.
  2. Visit the Instructor Marketplace at Leapest and find one that matches your needs;
    Get your own instructors qualified.

How to arrange for your own qualified trainer?

Connect with our ServiceDesk and the colleagues there can help you out. Whoever you submit as a trainer just be sure that they have passed the exam for the course they intend to teach. Plus their pass mark needs to 10 percent higher than the standard passing mark for students. The second thing your instructor will need to do is follow a Train-the-Trainer session. This can also be arranged with the ServiceDesk.

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Booking Exams

Your first DASA DevOps class is set up. You are a DASA DevOps Training Partner and you have a Qualified Instructor to teach the class. Your students will also want to take an exam afterwards.

How to Arrange That?

At our delivery platform, Leapest, you can also buy the exam vouchers for the classes you have scheduled. With these vouchers you can head over to APMG or iSQI and book the exams there. You might need an account, so be sure to go there well in advance.

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Promoting DASA DevOps

Once your company is all set to deliver DASA DevOps classes you will want to promote them. DASA has made that easy for you. They have a ton of content for you to use and adapt. There is, of course, their website which contains an abundant amount of content.

If you want to keep up to date with their latest updates you might want to follow (one of) their social media accounts.

Most importantly be sure to download the Marketing-in-a-Box kit. You have received this as a link in an email from DASA after registering as DASA Training Partner. Contact us if you do not have this and we will provide you one.


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