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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • My customer is asking for HDI training but I don’t offer this yet.
  • Should I build HDI courseware or can I also license it?
  • How do I get my trainer ready to deliver HDI training?
  • Where do I get exams for HDI?
  • I’m spending too much time on operational things, how can I fix it?

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What Are the Benefits of Offering the HDI Courses?

  • HDI certification is the recognized standard for the technical service and support industry.
  • HDI certificates demonstrate that individuals understand the customer service skills and support center processes required to provide quality technical support.
  • Each HDI certification is designed to reflect the level of knowledge required for a specific role, ranging from customer service representative to support center director.
  • Since 1989, HDI has provided technical support professionals with the soft skills and service management training needed to provide excellent service.
  • HDI training provides skills-building opportunities, raises awareness of best practices, and helps participants prepare for HDI certification exams.
  • The training applies to roles beyond the front line. As employees progress through their careers, there are new skills and concepts to master.


  • In our industry, the support center is more than just a nine-to-five job. Meeting the expectations for superior customer service requires systems and procedures, but it also calls for a real emphasis on people, and we have found that HDI training is a key element that prepares our agents to deliver a service that leaves customers smiling.
    Mitch BryantSupport Center Manager, Norton Healthcare