ITIL Business Simulations Courseware

Do you want to simplify how you run ITIL business simulations? Use our powerful simulation materials, source instructors and deliver results.

Title Delivery
Control-IT for ITIL® Classroom, Simulation
GamingWorks – Marslander Simulation Simulation
Grab@Pizza™ Classroom, Simulation
ITIL® Foundation Hands-on Blended, Simulation
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What Are the Benefits of Offering ITIL Business Simulations?

  • Flexible: No-computer driven scenarios.
  • Relevant: 100% relevant for any organization.
  • Authentic: Challenging and realistic.
  • Customized: Scenarios can be adapted to meet specific business objectives.
  • Engaging: Stimulate feedback and interaction.

Licensing of ITIL Courseware

ITpreneurs offers a unique proposition to training companies and enterprises that enables these organizations to deliver ITIL and related training courses internally or to their customers. We license course materials as well as provide instructors. In addition, we can prepare your instructors to deliver IT Best Practices training. On top of that, we facilitate the entire process ensuring smooth course organization and an optimal learning experience for participants.

Partnership with ITpreneurs

Our partner program will help you expand your delivery capability, support your customers more effectively, and build a solid strategy to enable long-term growth in the IT best practices training industry. We offer a genuine partnership through sales support, partner services, knowledge-sharing, advanced insights into latest industry developments, and a close, collaborative relationship with ITpreneurs.

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