ITIL Expert Program Courseware

ITIL Expert Program is an accredited and innovative training program that combines all of the ITIL Intermediates certifications into one integrated package, and allows IT Professionals to quickly advance from the Foundation level to the most sought-after qualification in the IT domain – ITIL Expert.

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ITIL® Expert Program – Capability Track Blended, Virtual Classroom
ITIL® Expert Program – Lifecycle Track Blended, Virtual Classroom
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About the ITIL Expert Program

The ITIL Expert Program combines all lifecycle or capability intermediates together with MALC in one integrated package. The Expert Program uses a combination of self paced online learning modules and interactive classroom training. It offers the most efficient and accelerated path to the ITIL Expert Level.

Lifecycle Intermediate and Advanced Courses

(SS + SD + ST + SO + CSI) + MALC

Capability Intermediate and Advanced Courses


Benefits of the ITIL Expert Program

  • Optimized course design for learning that lasts

    Optimally combines online self-study and instructor-led classroom. More power in the hands of the learner.
  • Accelerated path to certification

    Expert Level in ½ the time it would take in a traditional classroom. Reduce out-of-office hours and travel expense.
  • Experiential learning through intensive team experience

    Build and maintain a network, and enable the sharing of best practices for professional and organizational benefits.


  • Online Self-study

    • Compatible with iPad and laptop
    • Can be taken at a time and pace that suits the learner
    • Available for 2 years after completion of course for repeated reference
    • Includes exam preparation
  • High-energy Classroom

    • Intensive Classroom sessions dedicated to group work and practical applications
    • High quality printed material (Student handbook, Sample exams)
  • Online Reference Material

    Participant receive additional reference material for each module to reinforce concepts.
  • Officially Accredited Program

    Meets all requirements of the official ITIL scheme and is fully accredited.

Licensing of ITIL Courseware

ITpreneurs offers a unique proposition to training companies and enterprises that enables these organizations to deliver ITIL and related training courses internally or to their customers. We license course materials as well as provide instructors. In addition, we can prepare your instructors to deliver IT Best Practices training. On top of that, we facilitate the entire process ensuring smooth course organization and an optimal learning experience for participants.

Partnership with ITpreneurs

Our partner program will help you expand your delivery capability, support your customers more effectively, and build a solid strategy to enable long-term growth in the IT best practices training industry. We offer a genuine partnership through sales support, partner services, knowledge-sharing, advanced insights into latest industry developments, and a close, collaborative relationship with ITpreneurs.

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