ITIL® Foundation Courseware

ITIL Foundation is the most sought-after IT certification available in the market. The Foundation certificate is a stepping-stone for anyone who is interested in learning more about ITIL best practices. The audience includes all IT professionals who work in or plan to work in an ITIL supported environment as well as in key business areas.

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About ITIL Foundation

Whether you are looking for offering classroom-based training, eLearning, or simulation-based learning, there is a solution available in the ITpreneurs library.

Our best sellers are the 3-day interactive ITIL Foundation classroom training course and the 18-hour ITIL Foundation eLearning program.

Features of ITpreneurs ITIL Foundation

  • DevOps First Aid Kit

    DevOps is radically changing the way organizations manage their IT capabilities. Developers and Operations teams work closely in agile teams and apply lean principles. ITpreneurs provides a free digital First Aid Kit with every ITIL Foundation coursebook, preparing IT operations professionals for DevOps.
  • Scenario-based Learning

    What I hear, I forget; what I see, I remember; what I do, I understand. Our approach for the ITIL Foundation training courses uses scenario-driven learning. Participants apply the learned theory using case studies and examples. A consistent case study is used throughout the entire ITIL Foundation portfolio, from classroom to e-learning, ensuring that all your IT professionals benefit from the same exercises and practical elements.
  • Exam Preparation Module

    All ITIL Foundation courses come with a thorough Exam Preparation Guide. This guide includes sample exams, practical tips for taking the exam, and a summary of the key points and concepts. Through the use of this powerful exam guide, our exam pass rates are among the highest in the industry.
  • Availability in Various Languages

    Did you know that ITpreneurs offers its ITIL Foundation courses in various languages? Check out the product library.

Licensing of ITIL Courseware

ITpreneurs offers a unique proposition to training companies and enterprises that enables these organizations to deliver ITIL and related training courses internally or to their customers. We license course materials as well as provide instructors. In addition, we can prepare your instructors to deliver IT Best Practices training. On top of that, we facilitate the entire process ensuring smooth course organization and an optimal learning experience for participants.

Partnership with ITpreneurs

Our partner program will help you expand your delivery capability, support your customers more effectively, and build a solid strategy to enable long-term growth in the IT best practices training industry. We offer a genuine partnership through sales support, partner services, knowledge-sharing, advanced insights into latest industry developments, and a close, collaborative relationship with ITpreneurs.

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