DASA DevOps Fundamentals Courseware

DevOps training is the starting point for an organization going on the DevOps journey. Improved workflows and faster deployment starts with a core understanding of DevOps fundamental concepts by anyone involved in an agile and/or DevOps team.

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DASA DevOps Fundamentals (2-day) Print License, Printed, eBook
DASA DevOps Fundamentals (3-day) Print License, Printed, eBook
DASA DevOps Fundamentals eLearning eLearning
DASA DevOps Fundamentals Self-Study Self-Study eBook
DevOps Fundamentals + The Phoenix Project Classroom, Simulation
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DASA DevOps Fundamentals

DASA DevOps Fundamentals provides an extensive introduction to the core agile DevOps principles covering the essential knowledge and skill competences that have been defined by DASA.


The ITpreneurs DevOps Fundamentals course is a practical and hands-on 3-day, or 20 hour, training program that builds an understanding of all 12 areas of the DASA competence model.

Classroom Course Materials

ITpreneurs works with DevOps experts learning design professionals to develop quality learning solutions.

  • Printable, Printed, or electronic coursebooks in a pay-per-use model. You order only what you need and this is seamlessly provided to you.
  • Student materials include the slides presented in class, supported with additional reading material and resources.
  • Materials include everything that is required to pass the exam, no additional content is required
  • A mock exam, with answers is included in every course, along with the DASA syllabus and glossary.
  • ITpreneurs offers the DevOps Fundamentals course in English and Japanese. Spanish and French are in development.

Instructor Materials

ITpreneurs offers interactive training materials to trainers, complemented with instructor delivery guidance, Train the Trainer services, recorded videos and a trainer community.

  • The instructor materials include a ‘presentation pack’, which is an interactive presentation tool which allows instructors to present the slides of the course.
  • Instructors receive a digital coursebook that includes instructions for delivering the course. For experienced instructors there is room to deviate from the program, and for starting instructors there is sufficient guidance available to deliver a quality course.
  • ITpreneurs provides Train the Trainer services to trainers, this includes video instructions, or live sessions with ITpreneurs Master Trainers.

Self Paced eLearning Courseware

eLearning is a very flexible, cost effective and extremely scalable solution to train professionals the key DevOps skills and competences.

  • ITpreneurs offers a flexible pay-per-use model for eLearning.
  • ITpreneurs provides electronic vouchers that you can distribute to your customers in order to grant access to the DASA DevOps Fundamentals eLearning course.
  • Vouchers provide access to a branded portal that has your logo and company information.
  • Learners can access their eLearning course on any device and any modern browser. No plugins are needed.

Licensing of ITIL Courseware

ITpreneurs offers a unique proposition to training companies and enterprises that enables these organizations to deliver ITIL and related training courses internally or to their customers. We license course materials as well as provide instructors. In addition, we can prepare your instructors to deliver IT Best Practices training. On top of that, we facilitate the entire process ensuring smooth course organization and an optimal learning experience for participants.

Partnership with ITpreneurs

Our partner program will help you expand your delivery capability, support your customers more effectively, and build a solid strategy to enable long-term growth in the IT best practices training industry. We offer a genuine partnership through sales support, partner services, knowledge-sharing, advanced insights into latest industry developments, and a close, collaborative relationship with ITpreneurs.

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