The Full Portfolio of IAITAM Training Curriculum is Available Now for Licensing

Training providers can utilize the courseware and services from ITpreneurs to bring best practice training in IT Asset Management to their clients

We are pleased to announce a partnership with the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) to offer the full curriculum of IT Asset Management courseware. As IT spend continues to grow and C-level awareness of the importance of IT asset management, it is timely for training and consulting providers to expand their curriculum to include the IAITAM portfolio.

By adopting proper IT asset management process, it enables organizations to realize the optimum value from their investments in IT resources while minimizing the risks. There is also the added value to form a strong foundation to integrate with processes in IT service management and governance. IT asset management is required for a successful implementation of IT service management, IT financial management, IT governance and IT security.

The IAITAM Training Curriculum includes:

  • CSAM (Certified Software Asset Manager)
  • CHAMP (Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional)
  • CMAM (Certified Mobile Asset Manager)
  • CITAD (Certification in IT Asset Disposition)
  • CITAM (Certified IT Asset Manager)
  • CAMP (Certified Asset Management Professional)

Information technology exists in every organization and it is impossible to imagine an organization being successful without it. IT touches every dollar made by an organization and directly impacts the organization’s revenue and profit, yet while we manage the technical side of IT, we have been ignoring managing the business side of IT. IT asset management brings IT assets back into the organization’s portfolio of business assets for the purpose of maximizing its value while mitigating the risks associated with the asset and the organization’s data. IAITAM’s sole focus has been providing organizations the knowledge they need to maximize their investment in IT and their employees.

Technology is the second greatest expense of an organization, the first is people. It is important for IT Managers to understand the different frameworks and models in the industry to ensure the greatest value is being gained by the technology in an organization. Without Technology a company cannot exist and not educating employees on how to manage that technology just doesn’t make good business sense.

Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, CEO/President, IAITAM

IAITAM is a globally recognized certification with no competitive offering in the market. More than 500,000 LinkedIn members have IT Asset Management in their job description. Due to the high adoption rate of IT Asset Management, there is a growing demand for highly skilled and certified ITAM professionals. We are very excited to bring this portfolio to our partners which are leading training and consulting organizations around the world.

Arjan Woertman, VP R&D, ITpreneurs