ITpreneurs Hosts Additional TTT Sessions for DevOps Fundamentals

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 21, 2016 — Following the launch of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) and due to the success of its first Train-the-Trainer (TTT) sessions, ITpreneurs, accredited DASA courseware partner and forerunner organization, will be organizing additional free TTT webinars of its DevOps Fundamentals course. In these 2 hours virtual sessions, training providers and consulting partners can quickly prepare themselves to offer the DASA DevOps Fundamentals course to their customers. Licensing ready-to-use ITpreneurs DevOps Fundamentals courseware will allow training companies to be fast to market and differentiate their offering without having to pay for content development costs upfront.

The 3-day DASA DevOps Fundamentals course provides an extensive introduction to the core Agile DevOps principles covering the essential knowledge and skill competences that have been defined by DASA. With the help of key DevOps concepts and terminology, real-life case studies, examples and interactive exercises in each module learners will acquire fundamental knowledge of DevOps. Along with the competence framework DASA has also developed a qualification program to help address the DevOps competence gap within the organization. It offers practical guidance for DevOps competence development that benefits the individual, team, and organization.

DevOps Fundamentals has been developed to provide learners with an extensive introduction to the core Agile DevOps principles covering all 12 key knowledge and skill competences that have been defined by DASA.

Rik Farenhorst, DevOps Thought Leader at Xebia and Lead Author DASA courseware

The DASA DevOps portfolio brings new opportunities as it is very much complementary with other best practice frameworks such as ITIL®, Agile and Lean IT.

Arjan Woertman, VP of R&D at ITpreneurs

DevOps Fundamentals Train-the-Trainer Webinars

Training and consulting organizations can now register their instructors for the upcoming early adopter DevOps Fundamentals Train-the-Trainer (TTT) webinars. The early adopters TTT program is designed to help instructors understand the training components, receive an in-depth review of course syllabus and exam and get some tips and tricks on how to best deliver the course. Participants will receive a free instructor package and an iVoucher for free DevOps Fundamentals trainer exam valid until August 31, 2016.

Fri, July 8, 2016
10:00 AM CEST / 04:00 PM EDT
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Fri, July 8, 2016
10:00 AM EDT / 04:00 PM CEST
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DASA White Paper: Embracing Digital Disruption by Adopting DevOps Practices

DASA recently released a new white paper ‘Embracing Digital Disruption by Adopting DevOps Practices’. The white paper is now available to download. It features how to combine key DevOps ingredients to rethink and reset IT at end user organizations, the DASA DevOps principles and competence framework.

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