ITpreneurs Optimizes eBook Learning Experience

We are pleased to announce that with the feedback from our partners, we have optimized the eBook experience by removing the password while maintaining the highest standards of IP and copyright protection. ITpreneurs is committed to provide innovations that benefit you and your learners. We were among the early providers in the market to offer eBook as one of the delivery options in our library of IT training materials.

Enrich Your Learners Experience with ITpreneurs eBooks

Depending on the needs of your learners, partners of ITpreneurs have the choice of printed and eBook options. eBooks offer many possibilities for your learners:

  • Easy, Accessible Content – once authorized and downloaded an eBook ‘belongs’ to the learner, who can store a ‘library’ of thousands of eBooks on a single device.
  • Handy Study Tool – learners can make notes, annotations and bookmarks that help them understand and remember more challenging concepts, or quickly browse through the easier ones.
  • Job Aid – the eBook is the hand-out, an easy-access reference book that keeps learners’ new on-the-job knowledge close at hand.
  • More Engaging Content – the eBook has engaging content-rich features that enhance learning and address different learning styles.

Let ITpreneurs innovations benefit you and your learners. Get a free trial of our eBook.

Every eBook can be easily downloaded, so there’s no more assembling of course materials. You only order the number of eBooks you need, without having to wait for, or pay for, printing. You never end up with outdated hard copies of training materials. You signal that your company is in the lead and ‘ahead of the curve’ by adopting eBooks. You save with each learner.

How can eBook reinforce your learners experience? Check out this whitepaper.