ITpreneurs and Quint Wellington Redwood Chart New Course for DevOps and ITSM Professionals

This New Training course provides IT Professionals the know how to understand the synergies of DevOps and ITSM

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, March 6, 2017 – ITpreneurs, a leading provider of IT Training Content and Services and Quint Wellington Redwood, a leader in Management Consultancy and Training provider introduce a new one-day course that lays the foundation of IT Service Management (ITSM) and DevOps. By doing so, both companies show their commitment to bridging the gap between the role of the traditional IT world of ITSM and that of the new modern world of DevOps. The course fits seamlessly into the qualifications program of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA).

This one-day DevOps and ITSM training targeted at IT professionals who require the basic knowledge necessary for the efficient utilization of ITSM skill sets in any DevOps organization. The training focuses on the essential knowledge of the two different worlds, ITSM and DevOps, and how they complement each other. It provides the bridge that will help individuals understand how the DevOps movement fits perfectly with ITSM. The various group discussions and the case study are the primary ingredients of this course that help you understand DevOps movements in an organization. DevOps is gaining momentum in the market as more and more enterprise organizations are looking for ways to educate their teams on the knowledge and skills areas needed to meet the needs of their business.

DevOps and ITSM webinar

Practical Examples

Course participants get to work using concrete, practical examples and group discussions. They learn for themselves that ITIL® fits perfectly with DevOps the two are complementary. ITIL best practices add value to DevOps. By the end of the day, participants can explain DevOps and can point out the relevance of ITSM processes for the performance of DevOps teams.

Fast and Flexible IT

The starting point in both ITIL and DevOps is delivering stable IT Services, quickly identifying the cause of incidents and quick incident resolution. ITIL’s success is thanks to the use of best practices regarding tasks, processes, and priorities. Today, however, there is a growing need for fast and flexible IT. It’s is also important that new functionalities not create chaos or result in disruptions. It is precisely in this area that the best practices and established procedures of ITIL prove their worth.

DevOps and ITSM are a good match. However, to achieve it, the ITSM experts in an organization must be prepared to immerse themselves in the principles of DevOps. If they don’t, they will let their company – and themselves – down. DevOps is not hype. It’s a sustainable change that you must not allow to pass you by.

Sukhbir Jasuja, CEO ITpreneurs

While DevOps is on a real triumphal march throughout the business community, you don’t hear as much from ITSM. However, ITSM professionals who are prepared to step outside their comfort zone will realize that their ITIL knowledge is still very relevant and adds value to today’s DevOps concept. The RightScale 2016, State of DevOps Report shows that DevOps has a very beneficial effect on organizational culture and employee engagement. The ROI for a company is high.

Maurice Boon, CEO Quint Wellington Redwood