New Courseware Fulfillment Engine Brings Seamless Ordering Experience

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new courseware fulfilment and delivery solution that offers our customers seamless order processing experience. Technology-driven courseware fulfillment service at ITpreneurs aimed at helping our customers prosper in the world of IT training and consulting.

That means that customers who make use of own printing facilities will gain access to the files for the printable courseware instantly. Customers who utilize the printing and shipping services of ITpreneurs will now be able to track and trace the shipment. While we introduce these solutions, we also make sure that we maintain our highest standards of IP and copyright protection of the content that one can expect in the industry.

The Key Features that our customers will soon be experiencing when they place an order for printable courseware include

  • Instantaneous Access to Print Rights. This enables our customers to maximize profitability from each batch by accommodating learners close to the start of the course.
  • Track and Trace of Shipments For orders that include materials printed by ITpreneurs, the track, and trace feature enables shipment monitoring and gives full access to the delivery status.
  • Courseware Branded with Company Logo and Customizable Watermarking

Each day, more than 500 leading training and consulting organizations across the world make use of ITpreneurs usage based courseware and related services. These new features in our delivery engine have been designed with their needs in mind. We are committed to supporting our partners to grow and scale their training business Nikolas Dimitroulakis, Director Customer Solutions and Support, ITpreneurs

There are many benefits working with ITpreneurs. Training providers are able to:

  • Reduce overall costs of training content development and procurement
  • Reallocate funds to core activities and business processes such as sales, marketing, and customer expectations management
  • Reduce management attention from operational, accreditation, and training content related issues by minimizing or eliminating in-house content development/maintenance costs

Our partner development team is ready to explain how you can utilize the pay-per-use model to scale your training business. Contact us today.