ITIL® 4 – Your Nomination To Participate – 4 Things To Do

ITpreneurs is a community-driven organization, and as our courseware is used by hundreds of training providers across the world, we need to ensure we listen to the market when building new programs. We have created a unique program for the development of ITIL4 – and can offer you one of the following positions to help develop ITIL4.

Fantastic 4

Lead Authors

We will be appointing 4 Lead Authors for building our courseware. Called the Fantastic 4. As a member of the Fantastic 4 you will be instrumental in designing the 4 courseware versions ITpreneurs will be developing. Your expertise is in creating new training programs, writing content, coming up with ideas for exercices, interactive scenarios and more.

Fabulous 44

Key Contributers

We will appoint forty-four critical contributors to building our courseware. Called the Fabulous 44. Your team will see the new designs first and will be asked to actively contribute and provide feedback on the work done by the Fantastic 4. Your role is to keep the ITIL Fantastic 4 sharp, and on their toes, to ensure great content gets created that will resonate in the market.

444 Guardians

444 Guardians

We are seeking 444 Guardians who are the protectors of your own organization’s brand, culture, interests and market conditions. You and other 444’s will have the responsibility to ensure that whatever the Fantastic 4 and Fab 44 design, will work for your companies, and your clients. Thus this role is for those folks with a deep understanding of the market and a keen eye to review and provide feedback on the materials.

Your Nomination

You want to be part of this development? Just fill in these four fields: