Executive Round Table – The Most In-Demand IT Skills in 2017

June 15, 2016
1 hour
Hosted by
Deborah Burton, ITpreneurs

We recently held an executive roundtable to discuss the trends that will likely have an impact on the kinds of IT training the market is looking for. If you are reviewing your IT training portfolio and sales strategy, it’s worth considering the advice from this expert panel.

Webinar Recording

Technology landscape is changing fast. Training needs of IT organizations evolve with that. Which are the critical skills IT professionals must possess in today’s state-of-the-art IT organizations? What are the key capabilities IT leadership are keen to invest building? It is essential for any IT training and consulting providers to identify these trends and act upon that.

This webinar took place on June 15, 2016. We have brought together an expert panel who are at the forefront working closely with CIOs and IT leadership. Speakers include: Alex Hernandez, Director CIO Advisory, KPMG USA; John Reed, Senior VP, Robert Half Technology and Arjan Woertman, VP R&D, ITpreneurs.

In this recording of the live webinar, they shared their perspectives on these momentous developments. The panel discussed the importance of soft skills such as decision-making skills and communication skills. In addition, they explained why the enterprises are looking to build capabilities in Big data, Cloud Computing, Cyber security, DevOps, Mobile/Web and Internet of Things. Finally, they elaborated on how they see the future of learning.

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