Problem-solving for ITIL® Introduction

April 11, 2019
30 Minutes
Hosted by
Mat-Thys Fourie & Marcel Foederer

ITIL 4 is the next iteration of ITIL, providing a practical and flexible transition that allows organizations to adopt the new ways of working required by the modern digital world.

With Problem-solving for ITIL®, we offer the “how to” component of the new Guiding Principles, Dimensions and Practices and interweave it with the fiber of the ITIL 4 Service Value System. 

Imagine offering your learners a template with worked questions and key actions that would ensure a seamless handover between Incident Management to Problem Management to Change Control without having to reinvent the wheel. That is exactly what Problem-solving for ITIL® offers.

During the introductory webinar on Thursday, 11 April Matt Fourie (Problem-solving expert) and Marcel Foederer (member of the ITIL 4 Lead Architect team) will discuss how Problem-solving for ITIL® offers IT professionals the right templates, worked questions and key actions they need to make ITIL 4 a success.


With this new course, you can offer your ITIL learners the practical guidance they seek when implementing ITIL 4. Problem-solving for ITIL® puts your learners ITIL 4 Practices on steroids so this is one webinar you really don’t want to miss.