Why SDN Skills is a Big Boost to Networking Careers

December 12, 2016
38 minutes
Hosted by
Dr Levi Perigo, Scholar in Residence, University of Colorado Boulder

Join Dr. Levi Perigo for this webinar to learn about introducing SDN education in academia and to practitioners working in the industry. Dr. Perigo will share his experience on how SDN training has enabled his students to become more marketable in the job market; and how SDN education has helped seasoned networking professionals move ahead in their careers. This webinar features Dr. Perigo’s real life case on how SDN education gives big boost to networking careers. He will also elaborate on the benefits of acquiring vendor-neutral ONF SDN certification to complement vendor-specific networking certifications.

This webinar is brought to you in collaboration with Open Networking Foundation

Watch this webinar as Dr. Levi Perigo explains the growing market needs for networking engineers with SDN skills.

Dr Levi Perigo is a Scholar in Residence in the Interdisciplinary Telecom Program (ITP) at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr Perigo is also a Research Associate at the Open Networking Foundation. The Next Generation Networks: SDN/NFV course he developed for Master’s level engineering students in the ITP at the University of Colorado focuses on Open SDN, and promotes the use of SDN and OpenFlow in industry. His course has been used by academia and industry to enrich the body of knowledge and validate skills through the Open Networking Foundation Certified SDN Professional Program (OCSP).

As networking evolves from hardware predominance to software enabled by emerging approaches such as SDN, successful adoption depends on having teams that bring new skills and knowledge to realize everything that SDN can offer. If you offer training and education to networking professionals, you may reckon that it’s time to expand your curriculum to cover SDN. While it is an emerging domain, your existing customers who have been trained in existing networking certifications such as CCNA and CCNP can benefit greatly from a vendor neutral SDN certification. Want to understand more the market landscape for SDN education? Interested to understand why SDN skills is what the market is looking for in network pros? 

Today’s networks are constantly evolving and practitioners at all levels need to keep their skills up-to-date. The OCSP Program provides an industry-recognized standard by which individual knowledge and SDN skills can be evaluated at varied levels within the networking space. ONF’s development of the OCSP Program is in response to the ever-growing need for those within the open SDN industry to validate their SDN knowledge, skills, and abilities within this changing field.

ITpreneurs provides courseware, exams and related services to enable our partners to grow their business and offer new and cutting edge training portfolios. We are very pleased to work closely with ONF to enable training and consulting providers who are keen to help develop the essential SDN skills.