The Business Value Of IoT

Date 30/04/2019
Duration 45 minutes
Host(s) Jurian Burgers, Sudhakar Nagasampagi & Mark O’Loughlin

Gartner forecasts that an estimated 25 billion connected things across industries and consumers will be in use by 2021. To help you prepare for this, the CCC organizes the Business Value of IoT Webinar on Tuesday, 30 April. During the webinar Jurian Burgers (experienced Service Management Consultant), Sudhakar Nagasampagi (AWS Architect) and Mark O’Loughlin (CCC Managing Director) will discuss use cases and applications of IoT that result in smart applications and services to inspire organizations making the move to IoT.

You will learn about:

  • Concepts and terminologies of IoT
  • Business perspectives of IoT
  • Implications of IoT for the business
  • The role of enabling technologies for IoT
  • Security and governance issues
  • Future growth opportunities of IoT

This webinar is a unique opportunity for businesses seeking a way to implement IoT into their business and for professionals who wish to pursue a career in IoT.

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About the host

Sudhakar Nagasampagi
AWS Trainer (Solutions Architect,Security,Machine Learning); CCC's Author & Trainer of CTA,CTA+,IoT; DASA DevOps Trainer

25+ years IT professional, International accredited Trainer and Speaker.

Possess 25+ years IT software development and project management expertise with 10+ years in the USA (1999-2009) working for Fortune 500 companies mainly with IT web software products and services. Experience ranges from developing legacy COBOL applications, Y2K conversion, Mid-range, Mainframe, Client-Server to Cloud Computing platform. Conducted a variety of IT training courses, both in-house and for the public.

Mark O’Loughlin
CEO and Founder of Red Circle Strategies, Managing Director CCC, Author, Keynote, Digital Strategist & Transformer

Mark O’Loughlin is a business owner, senior executive, Director, consultant and strategist helping organizations to improve their business development, sales, marketing, service delivery, and customer services.

Mark is recognized as a global thought leader in digital IT, cloud computing, DevOps, cloud service management and IT Service Management, providing consulting services to global clients.

Mark is the author of two books, is published in four languages and is a keynote speaker and educator. Has extensive experience in outsourcing, business transformation, driving business change, IP development and digital enablement. Mark is one of only eighty-five ITIL Masters globally.

Jurian Burgers
Service Management Consultant and freelance ITIL & Cloud trainer

Subject Matter Expert in IT Service Management and Cloud Service Management.
I help enterprises in their journey towards a digital transformation. Both with consultancy and training.

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