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Every day, more than 1000 leading training and consulting organizations make use of ITpreneurs pay-per-use courseware, services such as instructors, accreditation or scheduling online exams for the participants who enrolled.

Running a Training Business Needs to Be Agile

Time to market defines success in today’s market. Technology is evolving, and the competence requirements for IT professionals also need to adapt to the changing needs of their organizations. Therefore, as a provider of IT training and consulting, are you agile enough to meet the needs of your customers with relevant and in-demand training portfolios?

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Save content costs and enjoy the convenience. Our library of pay-per-use courseware covers both technical and management competencies. By offering a flexible, demand and usage-based provision of IT best practices courseware opens up huge possibilities and opportunities for IT training and consulting providers of all sizes to quickly serve the needs of the customers. With the access to the library and along with the training-related services such as trainer certification and accreditation, enables you to grow your business and offer new courses without having to make investments in content development and maintenance.

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Save Content Costs & Enjoy Convenience

By working with ITpreneurs, training providers are able to:

  • Reduce overall costs of training content development and procurement
  • Reallocate funds to core activities and business processes such as sales, marketing and customer expectations management
  • Reduce management attention from operational, accreditation, and training content related issues by minimizing or eliminating in-house content development/maintenance costs

There are many benefits working with ITpreneurs. Our partner development team is ready to explain how you can utilize the pay-per-use model to scale your training business. Contact us today.