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Agile Project Management Challenges and How to Deal with Them

By Daniela McVicker

Agile project management is a work methodology that has proven to bring effective and organized work habits in the workplace. However, all development teams face some challenges. Especially ones that are transition from non-Agile to…

Why DASA DevOps Coach’s Impact on Organizational Culture Matters

By Paulo Guimaraes

Gone are the days in which the added value of DevOps had to be thoroughly explained and persuasively argued for. Its value has become virtually undisputed – from more frequent code deployments to lower change…

Advanced Problem-Solving for ITIL® – Root Cause Analyses for IT Incidents

By Mat-Thys Fourie

In today’s ITIL world there is still much confusion about the concept of Root Cause Analysis (RCA). The two terms IT and Root Cause just don’t seem to fit together, because Root Cause emanates from…

ITpreneurs Introduces Exciting COBIT® 2019 Affiliate Program to the Market

By Arjan Woertman

ITpreneurs introduces ISACA’s COBIT 2019 Foundation program to the market and offers a convenient Affiliation model to training providers. ISACA introduced COBIT 2019 as a major update over the 2005 version of the program. ITpreneurs…

“The Devil Lies in the Detail” and Therefore We Need to Go There!

By Mat-Thys Fourie

ITIL tells you what to do when addressing Incident Management. ITIL does not tell or show “how” to do it. In more than 95% of cases where we personally got involved with helping a client…

Less Data Actually Means More Data

By Mat-Thys Fourie

Less data actually means more data! One of the most obvious mistakes we sometimes make is to expect to do a thorough analysis of incident data to come to a conclusion. In doing a thorough…

Auslyn Group Transforms Educational Services Using ITpreneurs Materials

By Joey van Kuilenburg

Auslyn Group, headquartered just outside of Denver Colorado, started in 2006. Auslyn aims to be the provider for high-quality education and consulting services to a manageable group of customers across a variety of vertical markets.…

ITIL® and the Rise of Agile, DevOps, and Lean: Integrating Best Practices to Make High Velocity IT Possible

By Paul Dooley

Although ITIL continued to be adopted due to its proven IT practices implemented by many thousands of organizations through the mid-2000s, many organizations were looking for something more when it comes to service management. Why?…

Why Do Organizations Need High Velocity It to Exist in the Competitive Business World Today?

By Bradley Utterback

Customer needs and expectations are changing at an ever-increasing rate of acceleration, not just velocity. Both are vectors, meaning, these have visions and strategies that give the organization direction and determine its culture. These must…

What to Do with ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition? a Short Guide to Everyone Invested in ITIL v3

By Arjan Woertman

As an organization, you have invested heavily in ITIL v3. Everyone got trained at the Foundation level, the leaders of your teams completed several Intermediates, and you made sure your top professionals achieved the ITIL…